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Picture Tree director in the running for prestigious Young Director Award

Picture Tree director, Wim Steytler, is in the running for a prestigious Young Director Award (YDA) at this year's Cannes Lions.
Steytler has received the recognition for Minted, a music video he directed for acclaimed electronic artist, Haezer that offers up a visionary depiction of Johannesburg's unseen inner city.

The 16th CFP-E/Shots Young Director Award ceremony will take place in Cannes on June 19th, and is widely regarded as the hottest show in the world for discovering new directing talent.

Steytler believes Minted's "magical realism approach to what's going down in the underbelly of Johannesburg" earned him the attention of the YDA jury, presided by François Chilot, President of the Young Director Award as well as the Commercial Film Producers of Europe (CFP-E).

"My approach is always to go much deeper than skimming the surface of the city, by adding more layers through reinterpretation and narrative," says the director. "With all my films, and this one especially, I give a lot of thought to what I am doing in these buildings that are standing like caves, waiting to be used as studios, and filled with so many amazing characters."

For Steytler, the YDA recognition for the Haezer video is significant for all filmmakers on the continent.

"The fact that this particular film is nominated means that African filmmakers are being recognised for our own visual and creative voice. I believe we are starting to get our moment in the sun from the international community - and I'm excited to be part of that group of creatives that is doing what they want to, to depict the place we inhabit. I hope that this will lead to more opportunities to keep doing this."

The YDA is the only award specifically dedicated to beginners, becoming a pioneer breaking ground for directors using new technologies and progressive techniques.