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Picture Tree's Fausto gets super fresh with infectious new Smoothies commercial

The delightfully infectious and kinetic power of Smoothies sweets is superbly brought to life in a new commercial directed by Picture Tree's Fausto Becatti.
Shot on location in Soweto and central Johannesburg, Smoothies Dance Walk is full of visual flavour, starting with the main character, a retro-styled Smoothies lover who journeys from his eKasi home to the city, infecting bystanders with the fresh flavour of Smoothies along the way.

Street castings in Soweto ensure that the commercial is peopled with characters - young pantsula dancers, a dashing old tap-dancer, a larger-than-life street hawker - who are effortlessly "infected" with the happy energy of the sweet.

"I wanted to create something that leaves viewers feeling pumped up after they watch it," comments Becatti.

Key to the commercial's irresistibility is a memorable soundtrack, created by Wonga Music's Monde Mkhizwana specifically for the spot, as well as the dancing (ranging from pantsula to street hip-hop to tap) that runs like a ribbon throughout the entire spot.

The use of several different filmic techniques also adds to the compelling quality of the commercial, among them a hark back to the look of film in the grade, using high-contrast and rich colours.

"We used a steadycam for several scenes but also employed some stop-motion for the part when our hero appears to skate along the edge of the pavement," says Becatti of the shooting process.

The commercial's final shot is epic in nature, moving away from the small details that keep the action going and ending with a bird's-eye view of the final boy-meets-girl encounter. This was done using a helicopter drone to emphasise the scale of the shot whilst still retaining the distinct Mzansi look and feel of the Johannesburg location and the non-stop movement of the commercial.

Smoothies - Dance Walk from Picture Tree on Vimeo.

Smoothies Dance Walk was made for TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris, with the creative team comprising of Adam Livesey, Justin Wright, Kamogelo Sesing, Jerry Sekhwele, Thibedi Meso and Sheldon Stewart. Also on board were Picture Tree's Gary King (Executive Producer) and Scott Njumbuxa (Producer) along with DOP Eugenio Galli, art director Adi Koen and choreographer Thabo Seabi.