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If you are the big tree, we are the small axe - Bob Marley

Always known as a boutique production company, Giant Films has doubled its director roster in the past year while simultaneously producing Ian Gabriel's hard-hitting feature film, Four Corners. "We have grown our roster very specifically to accommodate our vision of a studio-like production environment that can take on any task," says EP Cindy Gabriel. "Giant directors Sam Coleman, Peri van Papendorp, Robin Goode and Ian Gabriel have strong backgrounds in theatre, digital, fashion, writing and art direction, a combination of talents and backgrounds that creates a rich and rewarding environment to work in."

Their work is now boldly showcased on the newly launched site.

Selecting their own year's best, Ian Gabriel shot "Ordinary Day", the story of the miracle of flight 1549's landing on the Hudson River on location in New York, for Nedgroup Investments, through Brandlab, masterfully recreating the true life dramatic event through the eyes of ordinary New Yorkers.

Robin Goode produced another epic of emotive craft with "Project Dark" for FNB through Metropolitan Republic. A transcendental tale of light in the darkness places the hero, a vulnerable young girl, at the heart of the story. Another favourite of 2013 is an endearing comedic piece which proves that true love is blind, for animal rescue organisation DARG through Bester Burke, resulted in a Loerie win and a Cannes finalist.

Sam Coleman created the quirky series "Ice Breakers" for Castle Lite, which racked up over 625 000 views on Youtube, following the misadventures of a motley crew of pseudo-scientists, whose sole purpose in life is getting their Castle Lite to optimum drinking temperature, through Hellocomputer/Draftfcb. He followed this up by the iconic style piece for Consol Glass, "I've Arrived", through Volcano. "I've Arrived" takes us on a journey into an unforgettable night, painting Johannesburg as the pulsing metropolis we know it to be for the young creators in the world of fashion and music.

Peri van Papendorp's poignant tale of renewal for Virgin Active's "Night Ride", showed us it's never too late to start by following the adventures of his octogenarian protagonist from the couch to the street, through M&C Saatchi Abel. Peri was also putting energy into SAB's Social Responsibility spot via Mojo Mother Russia, "Do Stuff", which shows a compelling argument for kids to rather choose to strut their stuff, than drink their stuff. Peri ended the year with a campaign for Nandos, via Machine Agency, showing a quirky comparison between their new 'Happier Meal' and some of the happiest possible moments in the world.

So how will Giant continue to grow in 2014? "With the solid ground work of 2013, the growth of 2014 will focus on quality of work, craft and creativity!" says EP, Emma Lundy. Watch this space.

Giant's newly launched website boldly showcases the work of Ian Gabriel, Robin Goode, and newcomers Sam Coleman and Peri Van Papendorp.

Nedgroup Investments: Ordinary Day, Dir. Ian Gabriel

FNB - Project Dark, Dir. Robin Goode

Consol - I've Arrived, Dir Sam Coleman

Virgin Active - Night Ride, Dir. Peri van Papendorp


Giant Films' press office