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GraphicMail makes top 500 South African websites

The South African Email Service Provider ranks high among some of South Africa's best loved sites, according to
Mobile and email marketing is still a relatively young industry in South Africa, even with companies like GraphicMail having operated here for more than a decade. The industry has, however, in recent years picked up the pace, as is evident in's website rankings.

"In order for a website to attract enough traffic to reach this milestone, you have to offer real value to your visitors. This is key to our success with GraphicMail South Africa. We have managed to create an online tool that offers real world benefits to users and visitors. We have become integral to many business operations through great value online business services," said Andre Strauss, national sales and support manager.

South African businesses are increasingly looking to diversify their marketing activities (you would need to substantiate this - source/ fact); alternatively, say "are looking to make the move from traditional to digital (and substantiate) and the logical progression flows into email marketing and mobile marketing, driven by both financial benefits as well as the potential to reach a larger audience. This is why email service providers (ESPs) like GraphicMail offer most attractive solutions, giving companies an affordable, competitive package to manage client databases, build new contact lists and integrate their social platforms into attractive email and mobile marketing campaigns.

This time of year sees many consumers 'cleaning house' in terms of the newsletters they receive; in fact, all the digital communications they take part in. Newsletters get unsubscribed to and newer, more relevant ones signed up to. This offers businesses the opportunity to revamp their digital communications strategies in both focus and look. ESPs like GraphicMail give marketers the ability to change their approach in terms of style and strategy and, in doing so, adapt to more 'savvy' consumer patterns and engage with an audience not previously accessible.

While email marketing is showing no signs of slowing down, mobile marketing and site hosting is a definite force to be reckoned with. In South Africa more than 29 million people have access to mobile phones; that's more than radio (28 million), television (27 million) and especially personal computers (7 million), according to The local mobile saturation calls for more attention from marketers in tapping into this resource. Consumers are evolving into mega consumers with a hunger for faster and more dynamic marketing experiences and ESP's with the ability to drive marketer's vision on this platform will form the backbone of the new age of mobile marketing.

"I believe that a website must offer unique content and services to its visitors. With more than 3 trillion webpages indexed on Google, internet visitors have too many options and for a site to stand out, it has to be unique and needs to offer real value add. This will become even more important in future and sites will have to make sure they stay relevant," said Andre when asked what it is that makes for a great site.

GraphicMail has a proven track record in terms of design and implementation of new technologies. From list-clean-up tools to newsletter templates that allow marketers to design their own, unique newsletters that set them apart from the competition, their all-encompassing mobile and email packages are tailored to suit a business's specific operational needs.

2013 promises to be a year of even faster growth in the mobile and email marketing environment. This in turn will bring more demanding consumers with digital behavioural patterns that increasingly line up to those of their global counterparts. The world has come to South Africa in terms of digital technology and faster networks supporting consumer's hyper-tasking behaviour. Marketers, however, have the means to capitalise on this by choosing the right ESP for their specific organisational requirements.

As one of South Africa's best loved websites and one of the world's leading ESP's, GraphicMail will, as it always has, offer businesses a competitive, advanced product with a strong support structure that can be adapted to a client's specific needs.

"We are putting an enormous amount of effort into making our system more intuitive. We do a lot of research and studies to try and find out what our visitors expect and want, and then we adapt our offering to better suit it. Visitors to will see new features and changes being rolled out on a regular basis throughout 2013. It's going to be a fantastic year for GraphicMail users in South Africa."

Posted on 17 Jan 2013 12:07

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