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iMIND partners with Strutta to deliver suite of social media marketing tools to African market

MediaMind Africa's Service Partner iMIND is very excited to announce its partnership with Strutta, with the deal set to elevate social media marketing and promotions in Africa to a world-class level.
Since launching in 2009, Canadian-based Strutta has become the leading platform for online contests and sweepstakes promotions - leveraged through the might of social media. The company is a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer, and its multi-channel solution allows clients to run campaigns on Facebook or their own web site, with full support for mobile.

By allowing multiple stakeholders - including agencies, advertisers, web publishers, and developers - to easily create and manage interactive contests and sweepstakes, brands have been able to connect with consumers through social media promotions at an unprecedented level.

Strutta's robust and multi-faceted platform is underpinned by its Advanced Promotion Builder, an integrated messaging tool for scheduling communications to Facebook and Twitter, and a powerful analytics dashboard.

The suite allows brands the freedom to engage with their audience in meaningful ways, using a variety of DIY tools and apps, all ultimately geared towards harvesting insight that informs and guides marketers like never before. Building off one of the most effective marketing tools - the promotion - iMIND and Strutta are breaking away from the usual avenues and careering towards a novel and powerful level of brand engagement.

iMIND will be the local representative of Strutta going forward and the excitement is palpable as the Strutta offering will be managed locally in order to serve African brands in a booming digital space. As a company, iMIND offers advertisers access to exclusive digital platforms and people in order to design and build scalable digital advertising campaigns that harvest high user engagement.

In short, Strutta-powered digital campaigns will revolutionise digital marketing and further help dissolve barriers between brands and the enormous online communities.

Andre van Assche of iMIND: "It's exciting, as great partnerships always are. Strutta's client base and portfolio speaks for itself and the platform is an absolute pleasure to work with. We can't wait to unleash Strutta's power locally and have no doubt advertisers will be just as ecstatic."

iMIND is very proud to be involved with such a forward-thinking company that appreciates the nature of brands' places in the online sphere and the best way to engage consumers therein.

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