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Rascals Sweets create a social media sensation

Social media channels were set ablaze last month with the news that Mister Sweet were bringing Rascals back into South Africa. The return of the beloved '90s chews was marketed predominantly through social media. Mister Sweet entrusted digital agency, Firewater Interactive, with the campaign - which went viral in its first week.
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Firewater kicked the campaign off on July 9 2012 - one week before Rascals were released in stores - with an official RascalsSA Facebook and Twitter page. The release date was kept secret, but hype was built with a number of teaser posts.

In one week, the Facebook page generated over 5000 likes, while the Twitter page received 1001 followers. "Rascals" trended three times and the blogging scene ignited.

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To increase social media traffic, Firewater delivered boxes of Rascals branded with QR codes to local radio stations, who spontaneously posted pictures, tweeted, blogged and even spoke about Rascals on-air.

Once Rascals had been released in stores across the country, the campaign entered into a new phase. It saw thousands of fans actively seeking out Rascals, posting pictures and sharing which stores they had found the bite-sized candies in.

"We at Mister Sweet have been blown away by the response we have had from the re-launch of Rascals," says Greg Senior, CEO of Mister Sweet, and Kate Crawford, Marketing Manager.

"We believe the targeted and relevant social media campaign put together and managed by Firewater Interactive on our behalf has aided in creating the hype and excitement around the re-launch. We believe this has been a positive case study in the success of using social media for a product launch of this nature. The media choice for this re-launch is both relevant and interactive for the core target audience and has enabled us to seed the launch from an early stage."

The RascalsSA Facebook page currently sits on 8055 likes and the Twitter page on 1926 followers. With a strong digital and social media strategy in place, Firewater looks to boost and maintain these numbers.

"Rascals is a brand that we are very loyal to and so we are proud to be the agency behind the social media strategy," says Mark Stecker, managing member of Firewater Interactive.

"We are working very closely with Mister Sweet to correlate the offline and online campaigns. There are many exciting plans in store and we look forward to seeing the brand grow from strength to strength".

Follow the RascalsSA campaign on Facebook and Twitter.

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