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Revlon names MediaCom SA as digital and social media agency

Revlon®, one of the leading consumer brand franchises in the world, has appointed MediaCom as its digital agency in South Africa. MediaCom, traditionally known as one of the world's leading media communications specialists, has been steadily gaining ground with its revolutionary content and digital service offering, called MediaCom Beyond Advertising. This appointment by Revlon signifies a new era for MediaCom in South Africa's advertising arena as the “The Content and Connections Agency”.
Brands of today are operating in both an exciting and challenging time. The development of online media has created endless ways to communicate and connect. These infinite choices are both a benefit and a burden – the increasing complexity of communication leaves many companies confused and craving simplicity.

MediaCom believes that everything is connected. For this reason, the company aims to ensure that paid, owned, and earned communications work together harmoniously to increase brand competitiveness, while reducing wastage. That is why, even though MediaCom was founded as a media agency, it has transformed into an agency that thinks and operates in a new and groundbreaking way.

The MediaCom Beyond Advertising (MBA) division is a testimony of this evolution.

Revlon ramping up its digital presence in 2017

MBA sits at the heart of MediaCom. The division’s conviction is that content only achieves its potential when it is designed, managed, and integrated within every other element of a communications system. MBA’s focus is threefold: content strategy, content creation, and content distribution.

Various brands are taking notice of this, which is why MBA is growing rapidly on both a global and local scale. This approach, combined with MediaCom’s track record of executing numerous award-winning campaigns, convinced Revlon’s decision-makers that it was the right fit for their vision to expand online in 2017. As the digital agency on record, MediaCom Beyond Advertising will deliver on all digital, social media, and content strategy – from execution to implementation.

Authentic connections with SA’s millennial market

For MediaCom, the partnership with Revlon is both a proud and pivotal occurrence for MBA. “Our appointment as this iconic brand’s digital agency is a true testament to our insights-driven approach to content and creative execution,” says Federico Dedeu, Head of MediaCom Beyond Advertising. “Our approach will enable the Revlon brand to authentically build relevance and appeal among the local millennial market.”

He believes that because every digital decision moving forward will be backed up by fact versus assumption, Revlon will see an improved and more consistent consumer experience across all of its digital touchpoints. “Another big benefit is that Revlon will now have both media and content under the same roof, which will optimise the brand’s communication system and deliver greater and more predictable results,” he concludes.

MediaCom South Africa officially started managing Revlon’s digital and social media account from 1 April.

For more information, contact:

Claudelle Naidoo, MediaCom’s Head of Insights and New Business Director, on or +27 11 582 6745.

Federico Dedeu, Head of MediaCom Beyond Advertising, on or +27 11 582 6600.

For additional information about the company, visit

MediaCom's press office