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The Newsroom begins demand operations in South Africa on Native Advertising

The Newsroom, South Africa's first Native Ad Marketplace, announces today the start of its demand operations in the market, along with premium publishing partners.

The company, which has entered the market earlier this year, stated its mission to help publishers bring forward more data-driven solutions and to better monetise their content assets, outside the traditional formats, largely dominated by banner advertising.

Unlike traditional display advertising, Native formats engage readers into immersive brand experiences within the context that they trust and enjoy exploring. This results in great campaign performance measured by time on site, conversion, user engagement, traffic quality and brand favorability.

"With a dramatic change in consumer behaviour over the past few years, Native advertising has become the essential ingredient in the marketing mix of all major global advertisers," declared Mihai Fanache - CEO & Founder of The Newsroom.

The Newsroom brings in a considerable initial number of local publishers to the platform - that are making their native ad inventory available to South African advertisers and agencies, as of today. Publishers like Times Media, Moneyweb, Kagiso Media and Yahoo South Africa have entered Newsroom's Private Marketplace, making their in-stream inventory available to the demand side by the thousand, by the click, or by the view - in the case of the video formats. More than 350 million native impressions are now available programmatically for local advertisers and agencies.

"The Newsroom fits perfectly into our Native monetisation strategy moving forward, allowing us to not only drive higher user engagement - but also to monetise this engagement with our advertising partners in the market,” says Lisa MacLeod, Head of Digital at Times Media.

The platform serves as a content recommendation, exchange and discovery engine as well, helping publishers put an end to the frequent quality trade-offs of dealing with content arbitrage networks - while creating additional ad opportunities in the consumer journey.

“Interruption has become a very damaging pattern in traditional display advertising - and there's no amount of data, targeting or programmatic catchphrases that can compensate the fact that most times, display ads are simply unfit in the consumer journey." declared Irina Morosanu - Global Commercial Director at The Newsroom.

The Newsroom is a global technology company, helping publishers, advertisers and agencies around the world to lead, innovate and trade more effectively over the programmatic infrastructure. The company has recently attracted top talent from Yahoo, Outbrain and Google.

Employing 30 people - the company has offices in New York, Singapore, Bucharest, Johannesburg and Madrid.

Please visit for more details on the local offering.

Please contact Irina Morosanu for any additional information.

The Newsroom's press office

The Newsroom
The Newsroom is South Africa's premium native ad platform. We help online publishers lead, innovate and engage buyers more effectively over an exceptionally versatile alternative to the endless stack of ad-tech investments.