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Hobbies play a role in the workplace success

Tech companies are renowned for their work hard/play hard approach, and a recent study shows that creative activities and hobbies help employees perform better in the workplace.
San Francisco State University's study of 400 employees and the effect of their creative hobbies revealed that people with hobbies are generally more helpful, collaborative and creative at work. Google's 20 percent rule is further proof of this. Employees were encouraged to spend 20 percent of their time on their own entertaining interests and the result was a more productive and creative workforce.

Pablo Casado, Head of Code at NATIVE VML, agrees saying he has seen the positive impact hobbies have had on his life. However, with the motto "carpe diem", Casado's 'extra-curricular' activities are not to be laughed at. His enthusiasm extends far beyond technical leadership and his hobbies include skydiving, triathlons, salsa dancing and orienteering - to name a few. Having completed close to 750 skydiving jumps, he's always looking for the next thrilling adventure.

"Hobbies help maintain a healthy balance in your life. You don't have time to be bored," explains Casado. "You're continuously practising time management skills, balancing your needs versus others and the art of compromising."

Like Google and many other tech companies, NATIVE VML encourages employees to cultivate creative hobbies outside of their workplace, as these provide valuable experience and confidence that influence their job-related outcomes.

In Casado's case, sky diving has taught him to take calculated risks and to have an eye for detail. His triathlons and orienteering have taught him to work well under pressure, as well as the value of methodical training and consistency. The salsa dancing has taught him to be more sociable and how to be more in sync with others.

His hobbies certainly have complemented and aided his career. "You will learn and practice skills that translate to work, for example dancing in front of an audience is a similar experience to presenting in a boardroom to high powered executives - it's terrifying," he says. "Be curious about everything and expose yourself to as many experiences as possible."

While you might not be up for jumping out of airplanes or climbing mountains, any hobby is a great stress reliever and helps maintain a healthy work/life balance.


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