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Yahoo Gemini native ads unleash a flood of great results

Three studies show how native ads boost performance across the sales funnel. Results increase when creating cross-channel campaigns with Yahoo Gemini.
Why do 70% of consumers prefer to learn about products through native advertising versus traditional advertising formats? Because the best native advertising blends so smoothly with the page content and design around it that viewers simply feel it belongs, according to the IAB.

We're seeing the same high level of consumer acceptance, along with impressive advertiser results, in three recent studies on Yahoo Gemini native ads. These native ads appear in stream and alongside Yahoo content across mobile and desktop platforms (see example below). Advertisers can easily leverage these native ads, alone or in combination with other ad formats, through the Yahoo Gemini unified ad marketplace.

The studies show that native ads can drive improved results in key metrics across the sales funnel - from high-level measurements like brand awareness to low-funnel conversion activities like keyword searches - and across platforms and industries. Here are some highlights:

Measuring the power of mobile streams ads

This study gauged the effectiveness of mobile stream ads in the retail sector, surveying 400 in-market consumers ages 18-54 who planned to buy clothing in the next three months. The results showed significant increases in key marketing metrics across the sales funnel:
  • 121% lift in top-of-mind brand awareness
  • 43% lift in unaided brand awareness
  • 16% lift in purchase intent; 8% lift in intent to recommend
Extra insight: Consumers ages 35-54 saw higher lift across all metrics.

Boosting results with mobile stream ads and mobile search

This study measured the impact of a campaign using Yahoo Gemini to run mobile search and mobile stream ads for a travel advertiser. It surveyed 1,000 in-market travel consumers ages 18-54 planning to book travel in next six months.

The performance of each ad format was first measured individually, and then measured working together, which produced these dramatic increases in key marketing metrics:
  • 279% lift in top-of-mind brand awareness
  • 31% lift in brand favorability
  • 28% lift in purchase intent
Extra insight: Consumers ages 18-34 saw higher lift across all metrics, especially when exposed to Yahoo Stream Ads.

Driving PC conversions with Yahoo Gemini stream ads

This study analysed what actions consumers took after being exposed to stream ads on PC platforms, compared to their actions after viewing traditional display ads. It focused on nine campaigns spanning various industries and time spans in 2014. Industries included auto, finance, tech/telco, entertainment, health and wellness, and more.

The survey found that consumers who viewed stream ads were much more motivated to take action than those who were exposed to display ads only:
  • 264% more likely to do a brand-related search
  • 285% more likely to visit the advertiser's website
  • 508% more likely to conduct generic searches in category
For more details, check out the entire studies. And for insights on using Yahoo Gemini to leverage the power of native advertising in multi-screen campaigns, check out our webinar recordings "Getting the Most Out of Native Advertising" and "What Yahoo Gemini Means to You".


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