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GraphicMail releases Chiosco for South Africa

Issued by: GraphicMail | 27 Jun 2014 12:53
GraphicMail South Africa has released Chiosco, a tablet-based application that allows clients to use an automated sign-up kiosk that will be positioned in selected stores across South Africa.
"GraphicMail's aim is to decentralise advanced technology and make it available to small and medium size businesses," says Paul Honig, founder of GraphicMail. "It's all about giving the tools formerly only available to corporates and making them accessible to small businesses."

The Chiosco enables customers of GraphicMail clients to sign up for email newsletters and promotions directly from any location, quickly and effortlessly. Customers will also be able to find useful information about the company and what they offer through the newsletter while they wait.

According to Paul, this provides a convenient way to stay in touch with services and brands they care about and sees great potential for the device. "Initial results are very encouraging. We're seeing real traction and interest in the idea from both clients as well as their customers."

Currently the Chiosco testing sites include a festival location, nightclub, restaurant, theatre and tourism expo with some companies reporting an increase of as many as 50 subscribers a week after installing the Chiosco device.

Keeping in line with GraphicMail South Africa's intention of making technology accessible to everyone, the application is completely free to use and is available now on Google Play. Other languages will be made available later in 2014. Businesses that wish to use inexpensive 10-inch Android tablets for customer-driven sign-up can do so for as little as $280.00 in total. Attractive physical boxes to house these tablets are currently being beta tested.

Andre Strauss, Country Manager of GraphicMail South Africa, sees innovation as the driving force for GraphicMail South Africa. "Without innovation Email Service Providers would not exist. Being an industry leader, it is critical for GraphicMail South Africa to continually expand their product range with more and more innovations."

GraphicMail South Africa's record growth in the industry has made the brand a recurring topic amongst email marketers and is continuing to experience rapid growth. "GraphicMail South Africa is experiencing some fantastic growth within the industry. The brand has gone from strength to strength and shows no signs of slowing down," says Strauss.

Those who wish to participate in being among the first companies to use Chiosco for their business should contact GraphicMail South Africa to find out more.

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GraphicMail is a hosted service offering email, mobile and social marketing solutions. Founded in 2002, we have 17 offices globally, and offer solutions for SMEs, resellers, and free non-profit accounts.
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