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Is social media a waste of time?

Issued by: ITWeb | 11 Jun 2014 09:54
Having your finger on the pulse of social media is essential today, says ITWeb's Tallulah Habib.
If you're not selling a product, chances are you're sick of hearing about this social media thing. It's alright for keeping in touch with family, or if you're marketing a product, but otherwise it's just a bunch of hype, isn't it?

The problem is that even if you aren't interested in the business intelligence that social media can provide, or replacing your call centres with a Twitter feed, social media is no longer something you can ignore.

"Many businesses don't realise that even if they don't have an official social media presence, their customers, clients and, more importantly, staff do. This can mean security risks and compliance issues," says ITWeb's social media strategist, Tallulah Habib.

"Some businesses think that by simply blocking staff from accessing social networks during working hours, the problem is solved, but they are mistaken," Habib adds.

Firstly, if staff want to access social media, they will find a way. There are websites that provide access to social networks as a service, masked as other websites. The proliferation of BYOD (bring your own device) across industries also means people are using their personal mobile devices to log on to social networks from the workplace, opening up the workplace to any number of risks.

"You can't bury your head in the sand about social media anymore," says Habib. "If you do, you're just courting disaster no matter what field you're in."

At the ITWeb Social Media Summit 2014, thought leaders will offer in-depth insights into how to avoid these risks while cashing in on some social media benefits that businesses might not even be aware of.

A dedicated business track will provide insights into social media's impact on compliance issues like POPI, how organisations can protect themselves from rogue employees, and what laws might affect them on social media. FNB will present a case study demonstrating how integrated innovative social media within an organisation can enhance productivity and improve employee morale, while various ways of measuring social media success will be demonstrated.

"Social media marketing may be a 'waste of time' for your organisation, but keeping abreast of social media issues certainly isn't. In fact, it's become imperative," Habib concludes.

Registration for the one-day conference is open. Click here to find out more about the ITWeb Social Media Summit 2014 and to book.

You can’t bury your head in the sand any more, says Tallulah Habib, social media strategist at ITWeb.

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