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The rise of programmatic creative

Programmatic media buying has quickly grasped a dominant position in the way media is being bought and sold, and the only way is up. By empowering the buying process with real-time, data-driven knowledge, only part of the online marketer's challenge is solved. Through empowering creation with a similar structure, truly dynamic and real-time campaigns can be launched. DQ&A has specialised in providing clients with fully dynamic messaging integrated into their programmatic media buying strategy, in an effort to truly leverage the power of real time.
We don't believe that this just ends with dynamic creative retargeting, but that dynamic, content/data-aware ads for branding and prospecting purposes have the potential to be just as successful, especially since optimisation through A/B testing of an endless variety of options is instantly possible. Is your organisation ready for this new world, and ready to cut back on expensive creative agencies that charge for every revision?

Talk to our experts and challenge us! We promise we can make your campaign fly.