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GraphicMail unites development, sales and support under one roof

Issued by: GraphicMail | 23 May 2014 11:31
Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together.
After over a decade of quality service, GraphicMail has officially merged its Stellenbosch and Cape Town offices and moved to Bellville.

GraphicMail has global reach. Although the GraphicMail working hub is located in South Africa, the brand has country partners in over 25 different countries worldwide in addition to its administrative headquarters located in Geneva, Switzerland and business developments in over a dozen countries.

The move has enabled more efficiency, more cooperation and more opportunities and have become part of the reality of the GraphicMail brand, according to the founders of the email marketing service provider Ernie Retief, Paul Honig and Nick Eckert.

The previously segmented teams of development, support, sales and marketing are now united under one building meaning GraphicMail is ready to take on future challenges and opportunities as one cohesive team. Stakeholders aim to achieve a faster development cycle with quicker and more efficient communication between teams and immediate feedback from customers.

Nick Eckert, CEO and co-founder of GraphicMail sees the move as a solid bet on GraphicMail's future as a successful email service provider. He says, "By bringing product design, marketing, sales, support and development together into a single campus, we hope to improve communication between all departments and increase effective management at all levels of the organisation."

The effect on clients

Nick foresees that clients of GraphicMail will benefit from the move in multiple ways.

GraphicMail has always seen the need to educate users about email marketing to get the most out of their product. With this goal in mind, the new office includes a training facility where GraphicMail will be hosting various and regular educational workshops that will serve as a blueprint and precedent for country partners worldwide.

With developers, support and sales teams in the same building, developers will receive real time feedback from customers meaning that developers will be more in tune with their needs. As a result of this, all teams will be able to build GraphicMail even more to what the consumer wants.

All the different aspects of GraphicMail under one roof will result in a faster more iterative development cycle. This means more innovation, more quality and more smiles on customers faces - faster than ever before.

The future of GraphicMail

GraphicMail intends to provide the same excellent service it has in the past decade to consumers. New features are constantly being developed such as a brand new version of GraphicMail to be released soon, the features of which are strictly top secret.

"GraphicMail's move is a solid sign for future growth and unity for the global brand. The brand has gone from strength to strength and shows no signs of slowing down." - Andre Strauss, GraphicMail country manager for South Africa.

Watch the video to see what other shareholders have to say about the move and what it means for GraphicMail:

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GraphicMail is a hosted service offering email, mobile and social marketing solutions. Founded in 2002, we have 17 offices globally, and offer solutions for SMEs, resellers, and free non-profit accounts.
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