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Striata's 'Big 6' email marketing trends of 2014 - video

Flexibility is key! But we're not talking yoga...
Our passion for email marketing means we are always ready to change, adjust, edit and consult to ensure our clients' email communications are relevant, responsive and provide an impressive ROI.

Watch this awesome seven-minute video presented by our customer experience manager, Sheryl-Lynn Collins, as she discusses "Striata's Big 6 email marketing trends of 2014".

Sheryl-Lynn highlights six key trends that marketers should consider to ensure the success of their email marketing campaigns in 2014.

So, if you want to ensure the success of your email marketing campaigns in 2014 in just seven minutes, simply press play!

Thanks for watching!

We hope you found the content of this video useful - we'd love to hear from you, so if you have any comments/questions please get in touch!

Connect with Sheryl-Lynn:

LinkedIn: Sheryl-Lynn Collins | Twitter: @sl_collins


Sheryl-Lynn Collins, Customer Experience Manager, Striata SA
Striata's 'Big 6' email marketing trends of 2014 - video - Striata SA
Sheryl-Lynn is passionate about bridging the gap between physical and digital. Aware that as marketers in a digital world, where the consumer is constantly connected, she looks for opportunities to deliver a rich digital experience from any physical channel.

As the eMarketing Customer Experience Manager, Sheryl-Lynn is fanatical about achieving both results and a good end user experience.

Based on her intimate understanding of eMarketing best practise, she firmly advocates that insight from constant measurement, data and testing should inform these standards. She believes in relevant communication that creatively emphasises the message and not the channel.

About Striata
Striata unlocks the power of email and mobile messaging.

Our electronic delivery solutions dramatically increase customer adoption of paperless bills, statements, policies, marketing and other high volume system-generated documents.

The world's largest financial services, utility, insurance, retail and telecommunications companies achieve unrivalled results by replacing print and mail with Striata's interactive electronic documents and transactional messages.

Striata's enterprise platform, strategy and support services:
  • drive significant paper suppression
  • deliver ongoing cost savings
  • accelerate payments
  • enhance the customer experience
  • enable regulatory compliance
Our comprehensive solutions expand the digital dialogue through personalised customer lifecycle messaging, retail receipts, notifications and alerts.

A global secure electronic communications specialist with over a decade of experience, Striata has operations in New York, London, Brussels, Johannesburg, Hong Kong, Sydney and partners in North and Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Media Contact:
Striata Marketing

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