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Inspired by Nkandla, it's time for a Sowetan LIVE upgrade

Sowetan LIVE is excited to announce that users will be able to access a brand new, revamped version of the site at "The redesign is a crucial step in maintaining and growing our digital audience. Our focus is delivering a platform that is appealing to advertisers and consumers alike", says Marc Hershowitz, Sales and Commercial Manager at Times Media LIVE.
The relaunch of the new Sowetan LIVE website, which offers a new intuitive navigation, easy to access tools and a better user community, forms part of the Times Media LIVE strategy to offer readers quality information on a user friendly platform.
The team has worked closely with the Sowetan LIVE audience as well as web design experts to come up with a new innovative website that speaks to its valuable audience. Sowetan LIVE boasts a local audience of over 850,000 unique browsers and over 10,500,000 impressions on a monthly basis (Effective Measure, Average Q1 2014, South Africa).

Sowetan LIVE will now feature responsive design, offering users the best experience, no matter what device they are accessing it from whether it's a tablet, mobile phone or computer. Visitors will see an aesthetically pleasing and functional version of the site, no matter what device it's accessed from.

A key focus of the new website is the user community. The community platform has been enhanced and users can now build their profiles, update their profiles and load pictures to their profiles. Users will also be able to look up other readers profiles, driving the community factor. Another cool feature that will be introduced in the new design is to reply on another users comment, enhancing the conversations of the Sowetan LIVE community.

This Sowetan LIVE upgrade is bound to get its supporters talking!


Times Media LIVE's press office

Times Media LIVE
Times Media LIVE is the digital division within Times Media that represents the digital brands and publishing concerns of the Media business, including Times LIVE, Sowetan LIVE and Sunday World.