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NATIVE VML plays key role in new JSE website

Issued by: NATIVE VML | 20 May 2014 10:02
The Johannesburg Stock Exchange's (JSE) new website illustrates the strong technology component of the business as well as its accessibility to new and current investors.
"Given the depth of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, the largest in Africa, this was a complex project that was more than a year in the making," says Hilton Veldsman, Africa Business Director for digital agency NATIVE VML. "We collaborated with various internal and external stakeholders, including brand consultancy, Interbrand Sampson, on the creation of the site. NATIVE VML was responsible for the design of the site (in line with the new corporate identity created by Interbrand Sampson) the User Experience (UX) and the information architecture, as well as the HTML development of the site."

An extensive brand audit conducted by the JSE illustrated that the brand needed to be more accessible to investors, and the new website redesign was key to achieving this. The brief was to focus on the User Experience (UX) aspects of the site, with the main objective being to capture the interest of potential new individual or institutional investors.

The information architecture of the new site offers greater efficiency and easy access to important information, with the main focus for now being to attract new investors to the JSE. Thandi Guilherme, User Experience Designer at NATIVE VML, says that the site was designed to be particularly user friendly for people who don't have a financial background, giving users access to educational material, information about the JSE and relevant news that would help new investors navigate the stock market.

The new website has a clean user interface, with improved functionality and more robust content. "We worked closely with the JSE and the other agencies to craft a website that presents complicated information in a simplified way," concludes Guilherme.

Deliverables also included a website evolution plan, which allows for streamlined growth of the site. "This gives us room to update the site's functionality without much impact on design and without any additional launch announcements," comments Guilherme. All elements will be implemented in a phased approach until December 2014.

NATIVE VML's press office

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