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International opinion site opens in SA

The State global opinion network is designed to give a powerful voice to everyone so that no one is left out. Linking people via opinions, rather than personal, professional or social networks, it is making a major push into South Africa.
State co-founder Alex Asseily, says, "We want to make the State web platform and our latest mobile app for iPhone available to all South Africans so they can debate the issues."

Often, only the most popular, least tolerant or loudest are heard. Commenting online is unsatisfying. Connections are even harder to come by. The web platform and iPhone app, now available for download in the App Store, change that dynamic. It has made it easier for anyone to get their opinions heard and connect with others around the world who both share and oppose their views. One of its app's most exciting new features is a new world map that shows global conversation unfolding in real-time, plotting clusters of like-minded people instantly uniting around issues they care about.

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How opinion topics work

Today there are thousands of opinions on State from more than 100 countries and that is growing every day. With 25 million-plus topics, covering a wide range of subjects, from government and religion to tech, movies and science, there is something for everyone.

Opinions are organised by topic and hundreds of new topics are created every day. Each opinion on the site is interactive: it generates instant feedback to the contributor, sparks conversation, relevant links and related topics. Social sharing of opinions to Facebook and Twitter is enabled through both the web and mobile versions of State. Insights that emerge from the global opinion network can be shared with companies, communities and organisations.

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Company background

The London-based company was co-founded by British-Lebanese entrepreneurs and brothers Alexander and Mark Asseily. Both have extensive records of accomplishment, building and leading successful technology companies. Prior to State, Mark held early positions at Rebtel, Skype and Moxi. Alexander founded the mobile lifestyle company Jawbone and continues to serves as the company's executive chairman.

Its board of advisors includes web creator Tim Berners-Lee, Upworthy co-founder Eli Pariser, Nigel Shadbolt, University of Southampton Professor of Computer Science and artificial intelligence expert; Troy Carter, founder and CEO of Atom Factory and Dr Deepak Chopra, global thought leader and best-selling author, among others.

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