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Getting a return from social media

Many companies are now running social media campaigns. But are they measuring the actual bang for their bucks here?
Tom Manners, MD at Clockwork Media, will discuss what social media success means.
Almost every company actively engaged in reaching out to consumers, partners and suppliers via social media channels has seen an increase in brand exposure, traffic and marketplace insights, with many also experiencing an increase in sales.

However, as social media gets further integrated into overall marketing operations and the business, key success factors here include deploying multiple internal and external channels, increased use of relevant technologies and metrics, constantly aligning the social media strategy to the business strategy, and employing extra staff with the right skills set. Measuring the actual costs involved against the effectiveness of social media B2C and B2B campaigns is becoming increasingly complicated.

The ITWeb Social Media Summit 2014, to be held in Johannesburg in June, will focus on identifying where social media can add real business value and cover all the considerations required to realise a return.

Among the speakers at the event is Tom Manners, MD at Clockwork Media, who will address the impact of adopting social media on the bottom line. He'll cover what social media success means today, the role of social media in commercialising owned channels, and the differences in measuring the performance of B2B and B2C campaigns.

Amanda Sevasti, head of social media strategy at NATIVE VML, will share her expertise around the specific challenges of hiring people for such a young industry, and what to look for when recruiting in the social media space.

The keynote speaker at the event is Mike Saunders, CEO at Digitlab, international speaker, and expert in social media, digital customer experiences and enterprise social business. Saunders will explore how business can reinvent itself to successfully transition to a new world of social technology and social media.

Registration for the one-day conference is open. Click here to find out more about the ITWeb Social Media Summit 2014 and to book.

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Posted on 13 May 2014 12:41

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ITWeb is South Africa's leading technology-focused publisher, with media products and services that span online, print and events.