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GraphicMail: record growth for South African ESP

GraphicMail has become a household name amongst email marketers all over the world. Founded in 2002, GraphicMail South Africa, a local Email Service Provider, has gone from strength to strength; partially due to the huge growth the internet and email industry has experienced.
According to a recent report by *iMedia Connection, 48% of consumers say email is their preferred form of communication with brands. Now this in itself is proof that email marketing has become part of the way businesses communicate with their customers. Email is accessible and convenient and we believe that this is the reason for the growth within direct digital marketing.

The demand for a reliable local email marketing tool grew GraphicMail South Africa into what it is today. Over the past 18 months GraphicMail South Africa underwent a tremendous growth spurt. Quarter on quarter the customer base grew which resulted in more revenue and ultimately led to the expansion of the South African branch. GMSA grew a whopping 40% during the past 12 months.

"GraphicMail South Africa is experiencing some fantastic growth within the industry. A few months ago we couldn't compete with big industry names but as our customer base grew and our footprint increased, more and more big brands, such as Air Mauritius are trusting us with their email marketing needs, "said Andre Strauss Country Manager GraphicMail South Africa.

A growing customer base meant a growing demand for more service, which lead to a GraphicMail office opening in Gauteng to service the increasing Gauteng clientele. Gauteng is seen as the business center of South Africa and with an office and staff based in Johannesburg it will give GraphicMail South Africa the opportunity to increase their presence amongst businesses within this region.

Nick Eckert, co-founder and Group CEO said, "It is a pleasure to see how GraphicMail South Africa has matured and developed and continues to be one of our top performers across all countries in the group. I look forward to seeing how GMSA will continue to grow and succeed."

It is evident that GraphicMail South Africa will continue to flourish and to build on their strengths; with innovation at the forefront we can only expect great things in the future.

About GraphicMail
GraphicMail is a cloud-based email marketing solution which lets users design email newsletters, manage contact lists and track campaign performance. The platform provides seamless email marketing and publishing features that are easy to use and affordable. GraphicMail makes it easy to send the same message across various platforms, from email to SMS and social networks. They offer social sharing tools, and mobile marketing services, such as multimedia bulk SMS / text campaigns and mobile coupons. GraphicMail also provides a solution for agencies in the form of a reseller option.


Posted on 29 Apr 2014 12:44

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