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iShack: An innovative solution to your social media marketing efforts

Every day millions of users are logged into several social media platforms be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. In this whirlpool of options and buzz it's easy to lose control and understanding. This rapid wave within the digital marketing realm has created yet further need for digital innovation.
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You're probably pulling you hair, confused and overwhelmed by the 20 tweets that just appeared on your profile or which digital agency should run your social media campaigns. Fear not! iShack Digital Consultancy is an innovative digital company that develops and implements diverse applications to enhance user engagement across social media platforms. Unlike the predictable strategy of most digital agencies, iShack takes a twist on typical social media tactics and offers its clients campaign strategies that are distinctly different owing to its unique application implementation.

From a business perspective, iShack's applications offer a competitive element to your social media pages and accounts that can reap great brand awareness and financial rewards. You can strengthen the link between your digital and physical business so that both existing and potential customers are more informed and enticed to engage with your brand. Thus, iShack offers long-term web and mobile solutions that will drive better business results.

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iShack creates and develops applications including Voting Monkey, EishCoupon and TriviaApe that are fun, customisable and user-friendly. Through these apps you are able to promote specified campaigns and tailor the details of each app to meet your business goals.

Social media has enabled a wide reach to a much larger audience, uninhibited by physical limitations, yet, a company may not know who is actually engaging in their social media marketing efforts. iShack's apps collect the details of all those users who engaged the campaign so business have a more concrete database of who their market really is and who their campaigns are effecting.

Consider the following scenario; your business has a well-developed Facebook page with a variety of content and posts. Here and there your page receives some traction from "likes" to seldom "comments". A few months later you launch a campaign for a new product and you know the loyal followers will see your posts and probably buy the product. But what about the hundreds of other people who've liked your page but show no sign of interest? Altering your posts' content and style seem to make no difference. You decide to get a vote going using Voting Monkey, showcasing a variety of products to see which has the most favorability. People start voting and the numbers begin to show; 105 prefer product A while 220 other followers favor product B. Moreover you have over 300 names, emails and Facebook details of your true fans! A month later you want to boost sales of your new product so you implement an EishCoupon campaign offering free product coupons. Within seconds your Facebook and Twitter followers are tapping into their phones or laptops and the coupons are sold out! You've just created a desirable product that 50 lucky people are overjoyed to have won. Your sales increase that month and your brand awareness is booming, with far more engagement online. Brands such as Beacon Allsorts, Walt Disney, Steve Madden and more have enjoyed almost exact scenarios.

In short, iShack understands the rapid movement of social media and how quickly any business's marketing efforts can be overlooked, which is why it offers something different, innovative and captivating.

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iShack Digital Consultancy
iShack Digital is a consulting firm specializing in digital and social media strategy. With vast experience in online marketing, e-commerce, social buying, smartphone, mobile, social media platforms, viral video & audio production and tech venture capital.
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