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Khumba the Game - first for Triggerfish & South Africa

Triggerfish Animation Studios have partnered with indie gaming outfit, Sijo Studios, to release Khumba The Game, a 3D adventure platformer, based on the movie which is currently on the international circuit.
The game's official launch coincides with the DVD release in three South African languages, on 6 March 2014. It is reportedly the first South African animated film to become a game.

An additional platform

"It was essential for us to provide an additional platform on which fans can engage with Khumba and the pre-release downloads have confirmed a healthy appetite," says Triggerfish's CEO, Stuart Forrest.

The game allows players to relive the half-striped zebra's epic adventure through the Karoo on his quest to find the magic waterhole. Featuring both familiar and new characters, it spans five beautiful environments over 15 challenging levels, all inspired by the film. His goal is to collect water for his herd while avoiding dangerous obstacles and menacing characters, culminating in an epic boss fight at the end of each world.

Khumba The Game is a paid app (under R20) and is currently available in the App Store, Google Play, and the Samsung App store. A lite version, allowing players to access the first three levels free, will soon be made available.

The studio is establishing itself as an innovative content creation company by developing its characters and story worlds across multiple platforms and the release of the game is a significant step in this direction.

Audience engagement

Along with other transmedia strategies, game development is a major focus in the studio's future, allowing for deeper audience engagement with the characters made popular by the films. Digital platforms also provide global reach with little distribution costs.

Sijo Studios is a digital media company with a vision to become industry leaders in the 3D mobile gaming industry. Sijo CEO, Simon Anderson was the technical lead on Triggerfish's first feature film, Adventures in Zambezia and worked as lead rigger on Khumba before working on Lego the Movie.

"The passion Sijo brought to the game was incredible and we were amazed to see the results in such a short space of time," says head of digital, Kelly Dillon.

Sijo Studios also developed Gong Rocker, another ancillary property of the Khumba franchise. For more information, go to