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Habari Media relaunches Habari Exchange

Issued by: Habari Media | 1 Jul 2014 13:26
Habari Media is proud to announce the relaunch of Habari Exchange as hbx, providing South African advertisers with a world-class programmatic media buying service that, for the first time, places South African clients on par with their international counterparts in the competitive real-time digital media buying space.
The relaunch of hbx brings with it a host of new ways for South African advertisers to interact with their customers in the global digital realm, including rich media solutions across web and mobile, linear video both, in stream and in display formats, enhanced data-based opportunities such as the ability to target custom audience segments on commission as well as dynamic retargeting, and an advanced campaign goal targeting structure that allows clients to target specific post-view or post-click actions. In addition, the new and improved hbx offers significantly more mobile inventory through partnerships with additional mobile supply companies (including the world's largest mobile ad exchange), as well as access to the highly-sought-after Facebook Exchange.

"As the bits and bytes of technology negate the distance between countries, so more and more South Africans are becoming citizens of the global village, using global sites to access global information. If local brands want to maintain their connection with their customers, they must follow in their footsteps," says Habari Media's Commercial Director, Marius Greeff.

He adds that the new opportunities available from hbx allow clients to not only 'fish where the fish are', but also ensure that the bait is better suited to their taste.

"The new formats are in-step and in-tune with international formats, ensuring that our ads are able to compete in this global environment," he says.

Chief among the new opportunities include access to some of the largest reserves of linear video ad inventory globally including both in stream and in display. Ranging from standard pre-roll slots to mobile click to play and more. Being fed from the fifteen largest mobile and web video supply and exchange partners, hbx video solutions are the most scaled and performance centric solutions available in Africa today.

Based in South Africa, hbx is a cutting-edge programmatic media solution that allows South African clients the opportunity to market themselves to a relevant local audience via pre-mium global sites. Using some of the most powerful real-time buying systems available and powered by a leading technology partner in London, it provides clients with unparalleled access to real-time digital ad inventory, as well as the necessary expertise to ensure that your budget is used most effectively.

"Real-time Bid-based buying means you only pay for the people you want to speak to - whether it's one million or only one. It's the most scalable and efficient way to buy media, and when you add in the power of data, it is also the most effective," says Greeff.

On average, hbx provides its clients with access to 4.7 billion web ad impressions and 3.1 billion mobile ad impressions. In addition to offering a world-class solution, the service is supported by a market-leading sales team who not only understand the global web and mobile environment, but also the specific needs of South African clients.

"hbx is excited to unleash one of the most powerful demand-side advertising stacks on the African market. The prospect of further customising our solutions stack to meet the demands of South African clients presents a unique challenge, and one which we look forward to meeting," concludes Greeff.

Please click here for the sales deck and here for the rate card.

Habari Media's press office

Habari Media
Established in 2004, Habari Media is a dynamic and award-winning multi-media sales company with a core focus in digital, offering advertisers exclusive access to a wide selection of premium brands throughout the continent.
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Marius Greeff
Hi All

@Digital H - We are compiling a few case studies now across various verticals to showcase to the market. We will certainly share this once completed.

@John Digital - Please communicate any concerns or feedback you have to the press release to my email address, or elaborate and we will be happy to communicate in an open forum regarding our service

My email is

Kind regards,

Posted on 3 Jul 2014 15:50
John Digital
Plenty of unsubstantiated claims here! In many ways an extremely poor attempt to offer something that other businesses have already offered for years. This will just confuse the market even further. Sad really
Posted on 3 Jul 2014 12:39
Digital H
As you are sharing your rate card and introduction documents, it would be great if you could share some case studies. There are so many media owners claiming that they can do all of this, but can't show the proof in the pudding. Only actual case studies will suffice.
Posted on 1 Jul 2014 14:41