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New tool strengthens collaboration between media owners, agencies

MediaLoop is a new tool that strengthens collaboration between media owners and agencies with a unique platform that utilises a network of high definition digital screens that are strategically placed in the workspaces of media agencies throughout South Africa.
With the increase in media channels and the constant barrage of information facing media agency professionals on a daily basis, sourcing and engaging with essential industry information has become increasingly challenging.

Digital trade channel

This innovative digital trade channel collates and packages essential industry-specific updates into a 15-minute content loop that repeats itself 40 times throughout a 10-hour day. The loop includes media news and trends, innovations and insights, general news and information on media owners and their opportunities. This allows media agency professionals to engage passively with the relevant industry information when they want it or need it.

The MediaLoop network was recently piloted at PHd in Cape Town and has rolled out in a number of Cape Town media agencies including Carat, Vizeum, Initiative Media, MEC Group and Mindshare, with more installations in agencies across the country scheduled for the upcoming weeks.

Group MD of PHd, Anne Dearnley says, "This couldn't have launched at a better time. The proliferation of media and technological advances means time is a luxury that we are often not afforded - this initiative addresses this perfectly by allowing media people to view industry updates when they have a gap.

Constant presence

"A nice addition to the content is that the agencies have their own slot to share content and reminders privately with their staff in offices around the country, via a relaxed and informal platform. We look forward to the next step and seeing the media owner updates and news."

Through the network, media owners big and small are offered a constant presence within media agencies throughout the country and the opportunity to control the flow of business information into these agencies.

"Having worked in the marketing and communication industry for many years, and having worn both the media owner and 'client' hat, I have witnessed how the explosion of new media channels, opportunities and industry information has created a unique situation that has made communication and collaboration amongst media professionals more challenging than ever," says Marius Schreuder, founder of MediaLoop.

"The platform makes accessing up-to-date, reliable information as simple as watching a screen when you have a moment - assisting media agencies with having the added 'know-how' on what is happening in the industry at all times. It is also a very efficient sales tool for media owners: ensuring that they are constantly top of mind and able to highlight their latest news and offerings within a relevant space."

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