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Habari Media's 2014 Calendar is the perfect showcase for innovation

Issued by: Habari Media | 11 Feb 2014 11:12
The arrival of the Habari Media calendar has become a much-anticipated annual event in the media industry, especially since the 2013 calendar won a coveted Loerie award for Illustration. Habari Media MD Wayne Bischoff believes the team might have another winner on its hands with the 2014 masterpiece.
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"It is always exciting to be involved in an award-winning project, but this also creates a tough act to follow," says Bischoff. True to form, however, Habari Media's agency, Machine has outdone itself with this latest project, seamlessly linking the traditional world of paper calendars with the social power of the digital world.

Over the past couple of years, the Habari Media calendar has showcased 12 prominent media and marketing personalities, creating a level of excitement and expectancy about who would be featured, and how. But this year's brief to Machine was to create a calendar that not only profiled the talented people that make this industry what it is, but that also showcased the innovative spirit of Habari Media through the calendar's creative composition.

The result is a calendar that is not only breathtakingly beautiful but also manages to transform a traditionally paper product into a digital tool.

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Based on the premise of a Native American Indian totem pole, the calendar is composed of 12 stacking pages for each month of the year. Each of these pages is assigned to a specific media personality, who is depicted as a specific 'spirit animal' that has been chosen to match their individual character traits.

Richard Lord, Associate Media Director at The MediaShop, for example was represented by The Raven because his answers portrayed him as highly enthusiastic, a natural entrepreneur, and quite a charmer; whilst Audrey Naidoo, ABSA Digital Marketing Manager, is represented by the Dreaming Deer because she revealed herself to be an adventurous, creative, art-orientated person.

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The facial features of these spirit animals are embedded with image recognition technology that links each illustration to the featured person's LinkedIn profile. To connect to the digital profile, simply download both the Layar and LinkedIn apps to a smartphone, and scan the illustration. Click on the LinkedIn logo to be automatically transported to the profile in question.

All this, and it's practical too - for the entire calendar collapses and folds up on itself so that it fits neatly into an envelope sized box, for easy and economical postage.

The Calendar was designed by Nicole Dalton with help from Kaeli Justice, all under guidance of Machine's Creative Director of Design, Dani Loureiro.

"I am proud of our team's innovative and elegant solution because it somehow manages to be simultaneously beautiful, practical and digital. There is an exceptional level of craft and attention to detail in this piece which, we hope, will make it something recipients are excited to receive, and proud to hang on their walls," concludes Loureiro.

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