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Fact: nine of out ten people open direct mail

A plain, non-personalised, boring envelope received in the post ends up in the bin without being opened. That's why PocketMedia® Solutions offers numerous direct mail solutions that are unique, cost-effective, user-friendly, highly retainable, and measurable when it comes to return on investment.
Any printing house can simply print a product. But PocketMedia® Solutions is not a 'printing house' and that's not what it does.

The company's all-in-one direct mail solutions are custom-made to suit its clients' needs. They are designed to form part of a direct marketing or loyalty campaign and enable its clients to directly target and personalise their communication.

It has various solutions to ensure engagement with consumers, for example:

  • Loyalty cards.
  • Vouchers or coupons.
  • Scratch cards.
  • Product samples.
  • Pre-numbering (unique numbering for pin codes, competitions and airtime activation).
  • Window covers.
  • Personalisation.
  • Magnets.
  • Pouches (to hold debit, credit or loyalty cards or item you wish).
  • Embossing/foiling.
  • Perforations/tear offs (to increase response rates and your database).
  • Wide range of stocks and finishes (including 'green' solutions).
  • Wide range of sizes and formats (Z-Postcard, all-in-one mailer, Z-Mailer).
  • Custom-design.
  • Holograms.
  • Social media, web and app drivers.
  • Augmented Reality and QR codes
  • UFOs

    These experiential marketing features enable its clients' target audiences to engage with a product or brand by tearing perforations, pushing compact brochures out of a mailer, detaching a loyalty card, or scratching or scanning the fun 'competition element' to see what they've won.

    There's no more envelope stuffing as the company offers a unique, all-in-one solution that can include a loyalty or debit or credit card, a personalised letter, information about a product, an application form, or any other information.

    Remember, all elements can be sourced, designed and fulfilled by PocketMedia® Solutions, taking the hassle out of your direct marketing campaign. The process is fully automated, enabling fast turn-around times and more cost-effective solutions.

    PocketMedia® Solutions prides itself on offering solutions and ideas, not just a printed product.

    Direct mail: the facts

    Have a look the infographic to pick up some useful facts about direct marketing. However, no matter how many facts you have, the proof will only come when you launch a direct mail campaign and experience lead generation and increased revenue for yourself.

    Packaging: your product and its information together

    Whilst PocketMedia® Solutions can produce any packaging for any product, its core focus is on producing packaging for products which require information to be kept with or on the product for its entire lifespan. It has various easily retainable formats, which ensure longevity after the product has been used.

    All of its products are adaptable to fulfil its customers' specific requirements, and its various packaging options are specifically designed to suit a particular product.

    The PocketMedia® Solutions' blister pack, for example, was developed for the pharmaceutical industry, specifically with the package insert in mind, but it can be used and customised for any other industry sector, like food and beverage, telecoms, medical etc.

    Why does the blister pack work for the pharmaceutical industry?

  • Patient information leaflets are permanently attached to the product for ease of reference.
  • Convenient to use, distribute, store and display - a compact, all-in-one solution.
  • Compact, yet enough space for product imagery, directions for use etc.
  • Easy to carry on person.
  • Quick and easy dispensing for pharmacists.

    Adding value in store

  • Cross marketing, promote other products on the one you are selling.
  • Spice or herb refills, with recipes attached.
  • Seeds, with planting and care instructions.
  • Pesticides, with latex gloves and information attached.
  • Pet products, with instructions for use and other products in the range.
  • Sim cards, with coverage maps, international roaming tips etc.
  • Adding digital QR Codes or Augmented Reality to drive consumers online.

    Adding value to a promotional campaign

  • Sample and product information together, an all-in-solution that's easy to insert into a magazine.
  • Promotional information, attached to the product for its entire lifespan.
  • Great informative, educational tool to add to a bottle.
  • Easy to convert to a Bottle Hang or Euroslot.
  • Various closing mechanisms ensure a product is secure until distribution.
  • Unique, attractive promotional opportunities adapted to each individual promotion.

    Get on-pack with PocketMedia®

    Consumers are bombarded with options. Different products that do the same thing, but which one is the best? The South African market is only now realising the benefits of added value. For example, why wouldn't a consumer choose a bottle of vodka, with a free shot glass, over one without? PocketMedia® Solutions has a range of on-pack products to entice the consumer. As a solutions company, it works with you to find a product that works for your campaign.

    Communicating to the consumer is key and its products allow you to get your marketing message across in a fun and unique way.

    Anything in a bottle!

  • On-pack Bottle Hangs in various sizes and shapes, including the UFO bottle hang; the Bottle Collar, used by the Coca Cola Company with a special closing mechanism; and a die-cut fruit design, developed by Z-CARD® Turkey.

  • The Window Bottle Hang - more interactive and cost-effective than a scratch card.

  • The Z-CARD® Bottle Hang - great for recipes, cross marketing, useful information, maps etc. It's ideal to use to get ALL of the information across that you can't fit in the bottle or packaging.

  • Pocket-sized give-aways, attached to the Bottle Hang securely to avoid theft.

  • Tamperproof Bottle Hangs.

  • Digital - add a web driver like a QR Code or Augmented Reality solution.

  • All our products can be adapted to suit your product, so let us find the right solution for your next campaign.

    Textile industry

  • A Z-CARD® Swing Tag - enables cross marketing, accessories to match an outfit, washing instructions, home decor ideas etc.

  • Gift Card Z-Solution - a funky option to keep your gift card safe prior to purchase, while communicating retail outlet locations, a map of a shopping mall or online shopping details. Everything you need to know packaged with the gift card.

    Pesticides and pharmaceuticals

  • Z-CARD® Bottle Hang - packaging insert, tamper proof, retainable format for easy reference months later, useful information not included on the package, step-by-step instructions for use etc.

  • Z-CARD® Blister Pack Bottle Hang - housing applicators, latex gloves, measuring receptacles to be used with medication or pesticides etc.

  • Mini Z-CARD®s - easily fit inside a box or between the plastic lid and tin (baby formula), increasing the amount of information available to the consumer.

    Consumers are going digital, shouldn't you?

    PocketMedia® Solutions bridges the gap between print and digital by offering an engaging way to interact with target audiences, including Quick Response (QR) Codes and Augmented Reality.

    QR Codes

  • Available on any of our current solutions.
  • We can custom-design a solution to suit your digital campaign.
  • Instantly engage consumers.
  • Drive consumers online - to websites, social media, apps, online shopping etc.
  • No more static messages - changed your linked content daily.
  • Measure the number of visitors to your website, social media or competition page.
  • Enjoy increased return on investment from your marketing campaign.
  • Consumers can carry your digital campaign on person for ease of reference.
  • Spread your message on print communication that's retainable.

    Augmented Reality

  • Bring your brand and/or products to life.
  • Show consumers specials in real time.
  • Generate word of mouth exposure for your campaign.
  • Run exciting competitions.
  • Give consumers a powerful brand experience.
  • Extend campaign reach.
  • We can custom-design any product to suit your AR campaign.
  • Add value to your consumer's life to enhance message uptake.

    Z-CARD®s are 94% more carbon efficient than a leaflet

    As confirmed by independent research, when comparing a standard six-panel Z-CARD® to a three-panel A4 folded leaflet and factoring in a Z-CARD®'s 86% retention rate, the Z-CARD® 94% more carbon efficient than a traditional brochure.

    For more information or sample packs, email , visit or or call 0861 092 273. Follow us on Twitter: @PocketMedia_SA and LIKE us on Facebook: @PocketMediaSolutions.

    Posted on 17 Mar 2014 11:42

    PocketMedia's press office

    Focusing on the needs of a time poor and highly mobile generation, our goal is to deliver interactive and memorable communications for our clients which, delivered straight to the pocket, can be measured and which deliver fantastic and proven ROI.