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The new competencies for direct marketers in 2014

Staying relevant in today's changing world of marketing requires you to constantly reinvent your skills and marketing approaches. Just over a decade ago, many direct marketers were forced to move beyond direct mail to creating basic websites, using email marketing and more. But now a decade later, reinventing direct marketing core competencies requires understanding and using even more tools.
At this year's Integrated and Direct Marketing Conference, Tracey Clark, manager of direct marketing for the Standard Bank Group and Assegai Award's 2013 Direct Marketer of the Year will examine the new competencies for direct marketers in 2014.

Never before have there been so many channels open to direct marketers. That's why the Integrated & Direct Marketing Conference has an agenda that covers nine of the most vital issues when it comes to marketing your company in 2014:
  • Acquisition & Lead Generation
  • Social & Content Marketing
  • Creative-Production, Branding
  • CRM, Engagement and Loyalty
  • Data & Analytics
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Industry Trends
  • Cross-Channel-Strategies
  • Real-time Automated Marketing
We'll give you the industry insight, backed by real case studies, into each one of these topics, so you'll be fully-equipped to draft an integrated marketing plan that will drive your brand and company forward in 2014.

Some of the topics that will be covered:

Direct marketing conference:

  • Direct integrated marketing: Critical issues, trends and imperatives for 2014 and beyond
  • The future: Immersive marketing?
  • The resurrection of direct mail
  • Unlock exponential Search Performance with big data
  • Why top brands are going social for lead generation
  • Discover how to attract quality customers and quickly grow your business with content
  • From brain to brand: The role of neuroscience in branding
  • The shift to customer-centric marketing
  • The POPI Act: The implications for Direct Marketing
  • The new competencies for direct marketers
  • The cutting-edge of mobile: Case studies
  • Social Media case studies: The companies who have made it work and how they did it
  • Big data, big revenue: Why big data is changing the way we market
And much more...

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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Marketing Planning for ROMI (Return On Marketing Investment)

Facilitated by Ian Rheeder, CM (SA), marketing consultant and facilitator, Markitects

Marketers need to understand the financial impact of their marketing plans. Whether you're in a down or upswing economy, return-on-marketing-investment (ROMI) is your ticket to being taken seriously in the boardroom. Take a new look at your integrated marketing communication (IMC) techniques and calculate through research, just how effective your campaign is - before, during and after. Both Business-to-Business (B2B) and FMCG approaches will be covered - so you will walk away with a broad understanding of the two classical promotional frameworks and their ROMI.

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  • Special discount for registered NPOs and full-time lecturers at universities/colleges/ schools - contact us for more information!

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