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South African part of new design for McDonald's Fry Box

McDonald's has changed the design of its Fry Box in celebration of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.
Over 500 artists from around the world were contracted to create artwork that reflects their passion for football. After a stringent review process, 12 artists were chosen, with South Africa, Australia, Japan and China contributing four of the 12 pieces.

Among those chosen, South African artist Adele Bantjes' "Heart of the Game" artwork was selected for its universal appeal to all ages and cultures, with attention to the storytelling nature that she brought out in the piece of art.

"The redesign and placing of unique art work on our Fry Boxes, reinforces the fun that our brand represents. We also wanted to remain relevant with the millennial consumers, after all, they make up a good part of the World Cup fan base," said Daniel Padiachy, senior marketing director, McDonald's South Africa.

Family inspired design

"I think that the new designs celebrate the spirit of the game of soccer and it is great that McDonald's gave artists the unique opportunity to have the iconic Fry Box as a canvas. I am honoured to have been offered the tremendous opportunity to share my passion for art with millions of people around the world," said Bantjes.

"My design was drawn from thoughts of a family gathering around a portable radio listening in anticipation, starting to celebrate an impending goal. In my imagination, even the dog joined in all the excitement. That image of a family enjoying and celebrating the beautiful game together is the 'heart of the game' and that is exactly what I wanted to capture in my designs, the heart of the game of football. It is also so exciting that my artwork triggers a cool new mobile app."

McDonald's has also launched an innovative and exciting game that lets consumers participate in a beautiful game of their own. Working off the artwork, the McDonald's GOL! game draws users into an Augmented Reality (AR) world where they can create and share their best trick shot goals with friends.

"We are committed to fulfil a legacy that started with the FIFA World Cup in 2010, keeping the spirit of the game alive and showing our support by engaging with the local community through art, music or innovative games," concludes Padiachy.

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