Glasshouse: Hands up for Angela and Cell C

Angela from Glasshouse has just completed the latest Cell C "hands" commercial.
Shot by Bruce Paynter of CAB Films, agency Ogilvy and special effects team from Black Ginger..."It was an incredibly interesting process...the first time I ever started editing before the shoot!" says Angela.

"First up, I put together a basic edit from the director's story boards, from which a pre-viz was created by Black Ginger. Background plates were then shot and edited together. The hands and live action were the final element to be shot and then comped in to approved backgrounds."

In production for over two months, but sometimes with only a day in between each process to edit, it qualifies as one of Glasshouse's more challenging jobs! But one that we're very proud of!

Posted on 21 Feb 2013 09:57

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