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Kim Geldenhuys' Canadian beer commercial goes viral

Molson: The Canadians has racked up over a million views on YouTube in its first three days online.
Kim Geldenhuys directed the proudly Canadian beer commercial for Toronto agency Rethink. Co-produced by Industry Films and Egg Films, the spot travels from Germany to Ireland to South Africa to Australia to Japan, as we watch locals in each country telling their friends about the "wicked," "different," "kind of crazy in a good way" people who made their nights.

"You know the feeling when you walk into a room and everyone is laughing about something, laughing so hard they can barely speak, and after a few moments you become almost desperate to know what they're talking about?" asks Kim. "That's the feeling we wanted to give our audience in the first half of the spot. We wanted our viewers practically leaning into the screen, sucked in, dying to know what the fuss is all about. Who are these people everyone is talking about?"

The answer? They're all Canadians, of course, and the ad ends with a montage of the appealing craziness that happens when Canadians get together.

"Montages like this are where most 'fun' commercials lean in to cliché," says Kim. "They always focus on the big, triumphant moments: the door swinging open to reveal the party, the crazy guy yelling that he's about to jump off the roof. But real fun doesn't happen in those moments. Real fun happens right before, and right after those moments."

Lensed by Paul Gilpin, the ad was mostly filmed in Cape Town, which both stars as itself and doubles for Berlin, Dublin, Tokyo and Australia.

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