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Volcano launches the Tabasco 'Campaign for Change' and invites fans to vote for their favourite

Volcano Group - one of South Africa's award-winning independent agencies, and members of the leading global ICOM+In network, have recently launched a sizzling new 360-degree integrated campaign for the enormously popular international brand, Tabasco.
Examples of the new Tabasco ‘Campaign for Change’

Francois Boshoff, Creative Director at Volcano, comments, "Getting the chance to work on a brand like Tabasco doesn't come around that often... and when it does - you're simultaneously happy to have cracked the nod, very excited, and slightly terrified. Excited because, well... it's Tabasco, for crying-out loud, and terrified - because if you get a chance to work on an icon, you'd better do it justice.

"Tabasco is one of those Holy Grail brands and we've all got our favourite Tabasco ad/s, and every now and again somebody comes up with (yet another) way to showcase what it's most famous for... the heat. Nothing wrong with that, but that's where our challenge started."

Aimed at increasing Tabasco brand relevance and growing the local consumer base, the new campaign has a strong focus on brand education and targets foodies by challenging them to experience the great, versatile Tabasco taste with the tag-line 'Change Food Forever'.

Boshoff continues, "Sure, Tabasco is a hot sauce - but everyone (including non-users) knows that. We had to come up with a new angle. Something different and something that would shift current perceptions and strengthen the brand's existing base, but at the same time appeal to new users.

"Our 'Change' campaign simply prompts consumers, both existing and new, to try a few drops of Tabasco on pretty much anything (and I truly mean anything), unlocking the hidden taste potential and transforming even the blandest item or meal into something very unique and 'Tabascolicious', thereby changing it forever."

The new integrated campaign, conceptualised by Volcano, includes strong digital and social media elements and radio supported by eye-catching in-store activations and elements.

The digital campaign, entitled 'Campaign for Change', mimics that of a political election and sees Red Tabasco and Green Tabasco embattled in a campaign for superiority. Fans are encouraged to vote for their favourite, as 'Red' and 'Green' campaign for their vote, promising fun online engagement and the opportunity to change perception of Tabasco usage forever.

Currently rolling out in retail stores nationwide, the below-the-line in-store elements drive home the 'Change food forever' message and feature eye-catching in-store point-of-sale elements designed to grab the consumers attention and challenge how and what they think about Tabasco.

Boshoff concludes, "Sorry, I would carry on writing but its lunchtime and we're in the process of assembling a Tabasco-flavoured avo, peanut butter and bacon sandwich."

Volcano's press office

The Volcano Group is South Africa's leading independent agency group, and African Regional Coordination Centre for the ICOM+IN Global Marketing Communications Group