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New Klipdrift Export TVC highlights ageless appeal

The new television commercial from Draftfcb Cape Town for South African icon, Klipdrift Export, highlights that the Distell brand has as much appeal and zest for life today as it had when it was launched over 70 years ago.
Featuring rugby 'rock star' Schalk Burger, a lanky look-alike and a group of unwitting Australians, it was devised by the creative team of executive creative director Mike Barnwell, creative director Doug Larter, Anthony de Klerk, Jason Wiltshire and Chris de Villiers. It was directed by Slim of Egg Films.

Neels, the iconic stalwart of many previous ads, is behind the counter when the Australians enter the bar and mistake a tall, fair-haired young man for Schalk Burger. Encouraged by Neels, he plays along, lapping up the adoration, posing for photographs, and teaching the Sheilas how to scrum, when he's not signing 'his' name on their taut and toned tummies, that is!

The raucous good times suddenly halt when the real Schalk enters the bar, looking like thunder. The two tall men eyeball each other for several long seconds before Schalk, having overheard Neels ask if the group was ready for another drink, breaks the silence: 'Make it a double'. And the revelry continues.

"Synonymous with the word 'brandy' in the heart of the South African consumer, Klipdrift will be found wherever South African's are imparting their unique flavour of generosity and hospitality. In this ad, they may be deceiving the Australians but the manner and tone in which they do so is without malice," said Barnwell.

"In fact, it's almost a rite of passage, of acceptance into the Klipdrift family. By the end of the spot, there's no doubt that the Aussies feel right at home, underscoring the brand's pay-off line: Make yourself at home."

"At the same time, our characters and the choice of bar and music - while distinctly South African - were selected to reflect the fact that Klipdrift appeals to a wide range of consumers, from the traditional salt of the earth, as demonstrated by the first 'Met Eish' ads, to the young and ambitious," added Larter.

"The common thread, however, is the honesty and integrity of the brand, and of the people who drink it. This not only gives the brand timeless appeal, it ensures its relevance to South Africans of all ages and races who share its values," he said.

'Mistaken Identify' is currently flighting on national television but you can view the ad here:

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