Neil Gow 'goes to play' with Toyota

Neil has added one of his much loved genres to his impressive showreel with the latest Toyota 86 TV commercial...
Shot by the very talented Juniper of Bioscope films, it features the new Toyota 86 "drifter car" slip-sliding across tarmac in a succession of beautifully shot slomo's and speedramps, until it bursts through its own logo, enticing everyone to "GO PLAY".

And indeed Neil does like to play... especially when it involves anything on wheels! Besides his technically creative eye, one of his many talents is an ability to develop a great relationship with his directors and agency creative teams, coupled with a flair for translating their creative vision onto the screen. Neil is always willing to go the extra mile (especially where cars are concerned) and then some, to make sure that every project that passes through his extremely capable hands is exceptional.

To view the video click here.
To see his latest reel go to

Posted on 6 Nov 2012 12:16

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