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Kate O'Regan replaces Mervyn King as ASA president

After the AGM of the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), held late last week, the board of directors announced that Prof Mervyn King SC will be retiring from the ASA. Judge Kate O Regan has been elected to succeed Prof King as president of the ASA.
Prof Mervyn King
O'Regan was one of the first judges of the South African Constitutional Court and has a strong background and profile within the South African law community. She also served as the inaugural chairperson of the United Nations Internal Justice Council and is a member of the World Bank's Sanction Board.

Like his predecessor, Judge Galgut, who also served for 15 years, Prof King retires after 15 years of service as president, chairperson for the final appeal committee and sponsorship final appeal committee at the ASA.

"Internationally recognised and respected body"

Nkwenkwe Nkomo, chairman of the ASA says, "Prof King played a vital role in establishing the ASA into the internationally recognised and respected body it is today, and has served this institution, its constituency and stakeholders since 1997. We have been honoured by his gracious and exceptionally professional involvement, serving as a beacon of integrity and knowledge in often very unpleasant circumstances. We are saddened by his departure as he dedicated many years to this cause and our sincere and resounding thanks and appreciation for his diligent services can never truly be expressed in words, so for now, gratias multas will have to suffice."

In his service to the ASA, Judge King has written rulings, which have resulted in the compilation of a body of jurisprudence for the advertising and marketing industries. The worth of his rulings has been evidenced by competitors seeking his rulings and those rulings being used in other jurisdictions as persuasive authority.

"We are equally excited to have Judge O Regan join the organisation. She brings with her expertise that will no doubt take the ASA to new heights," concludes Nkomo.