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FCB Cape Town and Klipdrift act sharp at Aardklop

Klipdrift and its advertising partner, FCB Cape Town, have won Aardklop's 'Doring' Award for the second year running. The 'Doring' is awarded to the best campaign creating excitement at the arts festival held in Potchefstroom at the end of September every year.
This year's Klipdrift/Aardklop campaign combined clever imagery and witty phraseology to highlight elements of the brand's packaging and South African-ness. For example, there were posters and print ads of a pop art rendition a la Andy Warhol subtly displaying the time piece Klipdrift lovers seek on its label, a more classical Pierneef-inspired execution affirming the brand's heritage, and a 'jonkmanskas' depicted as a case of Klipdrift. Also produced as part of the campaign were flyers advertising the entertainment line-up at the Klipdrift hospitality area and outdoor hoardings.

Klipdrift's success as an advertising icon began in 2002 when its Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunstefees campaign won the inaugural Doringkanna Award for best ad campaign at that year's festival. Subsequent campaigns - including this for Aardklop - have also received accolades and continue to position Klipdrift as 'an icon reflecting the new South African cool'.

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