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When you need to supersize your content, order a Spitfire with all the trimmings

What would you like with your new McDSupremes burger? McDonald's digital agency Mirum wanted the lot, and Spitfire's Markstry was more than happy to oblige. Disco ball? Check. Dancing guy? Check. Picnicking couple, hot air balloons, shopaholics, saxophonist, golfer, aeroplane, fireworks? Check, check, check!

Being interactive digital content, it was critical for Markstry to have his ducks (and balloons, cyclists, roadtrippers etc etc) in a row, which meant working backwards from an extremely detailed storyboard and mapping out the movements of each of the elements, along with their actions during the “waiting” period.

An intense day's shoot was followed by an even more intense month in post-production. The team took the video elements and the stills of the burger's ingredients and combined them together with an awesome backing track created by Craig Durrant from Yo Grapes and Desmond & The Tutus.

The result is superbly entertaining content that's crammed full of flavour, fun and McDSupremes. So if that tickles your taste buds, call Spitfire immediately and let's see what delicious things we can cram into your script.

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