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Enjoy a show at the Barnyard and assist our advertising colleagues at the same time

It's no secret that the advertising and communications industry is going through difficult times which is why it's important that we support one another. The ABF's next fundraiser takes place on 11 August at the Barnyard Rivonia.
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“All funds raised will be used to provide crucial short term financial assistance to our advertising colleagues in need,” says ABF President John Bowles. “We unfortunately don’t have loads of money stashed away ready to support these desperate folk long term – just short term reserves to provide vital support like food and shelter, which is why we rely heavily on fundraising efforts.

This way, our media and advertising partners get to have fun, entertain staff and clients all while supporting a great cause,” he says. “From as little as R300pp or R2000 for a table of eight people (includes two bottles of wine and snacks) you can enjoy the greatest music from the greatest movies. Why not even embrace the event by dressing up, dancing and having ‘the time of your life’.”

It’s also important to note that the ABF has a Section 18A tax exemption from SARS and is BBBEE compliant. By supporting this event companies can claim back from SARS and record the spend for BBBEE purposes.

For more information contact or find the ABF on Facebook.

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