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Ireland/Davenport proves that big ideas can make a big difference for South African Tourism

Ireland/Davenport has partnered with South African Tourism to produce a pioneering piece of destination marketing - an integrated campaign that shows that it is the heartfelt connections one makes with the people of South Africa rather than just the scenic beauty one experiences that sets South Africa apart.
'Reconsider' is a piece that invites the international traveller to reconsider not just what they think they know about South Africa, but why they travel in the first place. South Africa is a destination rich in visual splendour and exotic experiences, but the true magic of a trip to South Africa is meeting the people of South Africa. It is the one thing that no other destination can promise and it is the most important thing that travellers to South Africa connect with.

Without giving too much away, the twist in the concept itself forces the viewer to reconsider what they have just seen, which reinforces the central message of how we often overlook what is truly important.

The concept is based on rigorous research and a creative development process that relied heavily on a communication strategy developed By Ireland/Davenport Director of Strategy Adene van der Walt and South African Tourism over many years.

"The stakes were incredibly high," says Chief Creative Officer Philip Ireland. "We were very lucky to have a client who not only believed in us but who stayed incredibly close to the creative process, and refused to accept anything less than world class from us. At every step there was an absolute refusal to compromise. South Africa is a world class destination and it was imperative that the thinking and the execution were not just flawless, but better than anything the category had seen before."

"This brand commercial goes beyond anything we have done in South Africa. Indeed, it goes beyond anything any destination has ever done before. It puts the South African people at the heart of South Africa's appeal," says Mr Thulani Nzima, Chief Executive Officer at South African Tourism.

The commercial was directed by Dean Bloomberg out of Velocity Afrika and shot on location from one tip of South Africa to the other. It will reach more than 1.3 billion households on media platforms like CNN and National Geographic as well as online platforms, digital portals, trade toolkits and other visual executions. Tailored versions have been prepared for distribution in Mandarin, German, French, Italian and Brazilian Portuguese. An extended two-minute version is available for viewing on South African Tourism's YouTube channel and has already been viewed in excess of 700,000 times in its first few weeks.

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