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MetropolitanRepublic: One republic. Five countries. And Cape Town

MetropolitanRepublic operates as one agency across many regions. As an owner-managed business that established its first office in Johannesburg, the group is nimble and responsive. MetropolitanRepublic goes where its clients need it to go, which took it to Uganda, Rwanda, Zambia and Swaziland even before it opened its Cape Town office in April 2013. So the "republic" now has six constituencies, and counting.

Not surprisingly, the citizens of MetropolitanRepublic are a diverse group of people who understand the challenges and problems facing their clients and the countries in which they operate. This fuels locale-specific, insightful creativity that solves business problems and has become the trademark of the agency.

MetropolitanRepublic Cape Town

At the helm in Cape Town are MD Josie Fisher and CD Mike Beukes, a duo with a wealth of combined experience and a relentless drive to deliver brilliant and strategically sound creative ideas.

Josie has helped position many iconic brands on the South African landscape, including Woolworths,, Cape Union Mart, M-Net, Savannah, adidas, MTN, Wimpy and even the Western Cape provincial government. Mike has worked in London and South Africa on some of the world's largest brands, such as Sony, Shell, HSBC, Honda, Guinness, Nissan and Disney, to name just a few.

With the benefit of the latest technology, they bring together the right minds for every job, regardless of the location of their human capital or the client.

Josie says: "We have the diversity of people, the intellectual firepower, the creative reputation and the capacity to navigate and shape the competitive landscape. We work best when we are plugged in at the top, as real business partners, to go beyond traditional advertising, to have the right conversations, to add real value and to grow the bottom line. Chemistry and working relationship is all-important - so together we can create something special and enviable in the marketplace. This is how we have produced some of South Africa's most loved and awarded campaigns."

Mike says: "As an agency, we pride ourselves on being plugged into the world around us. We aren't an agency living in an ivory tower of perfection. We love being part of society. We love the idea of having the outside world inside with us. We often talk of our 'temperature-check thinking', where we metaphorically put our finger out of the window to gauge the temperature of the nation. We are a creative agency and want our space to be a talking point."

This dynamic culture of collaboration and willingness to embrace new thinking defines the design of MetropolitanRepublic Cape Town's De Waterkant office. The airy open-plan space with its high ceilings can be reconfigured at any given moment. Desks, chairs and room dividers are on wheels, enabling teams to be built around projects.

The iconic "M" reception desk featured in the photograph at the top of this document is more than a talking point. Bold and unique, it signals what the agency stands for - a jigsaw of interlocking pieces that collectively form the MetropolitanRepublic "M", which changes when viewed from different angles. It was designed by local product design studio JesseJames and built from plywood, a cost-conscious material.

In an industry peer survey by, MetropolitanRepublic Cape Town was voted runner-up in the category "One to Watch".


MetropolitanRepublic's press office

We are a through the line agency that understands the moods, languages and idiosyncrasies of South Africa and Africa. For us, consumers are people we like to have conversations with by creating successful campaigns.