The Mouse That Roared announces a new client - SMD

SMD is one of South Africa's leading vehicle management and sales companies, with a nationwide network of auction and sales centres and an online auction facility, which sells thousands of cars to the public and dealers every month.
As an innovative partner to most of South Africa's premier short term insurers, banking and finance institutions, SMD specializes in the following types of vehicles:

Salvage (Accident damaged and stolen and recovered)
Pre-owned (Fleet, rentals and second hand)

As its first project, The Mouse That roared has been tasked with creating two TV commercials, which began flighting in mid-November. One was the story of a man buying a damaged car from SMD, getting it fixed up and then giving it to his son for his eighteenth birthday.
The other was the story of a young man buying a bakkie for his Dad, who had never been able to afford a vehicle, fixing it up with his friends and driving it to his Dad's house in the township.

Both emotionally charged commercials featured a soundtrack by local star Lloyd Cele and emphasised the fact that you could buy vehicles online with SMD.

Posted on 17 Jun 2014 10:38

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