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Ian Chuter directs Sinutab Big Head ad for JWT

Platypus Productions' Ian Chuter directed JWT's Sinutab Big Head spot, which is currently on TV.
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"The big head is a metaphor for how the hero feels clumsy and defocused due to his head cold," says Ian. "It's already such a quirky concept that I didn't push the slapstick potential but rather focused on keeping the performances authentic. This allows the humour to be incidental and naturally charming, rather than forced."

Ian worked closely with JWT Executive Creative Director Jonathan Lang, Art Director Gareth Pretorius, Copywriter Jonathan Commerford and Producer Rochelle April.

Gareth credits Ian with "polishing" their original idea and adding some of the funniest moments in the final commercial, like the hero answering a phone call with his stapler, and the callback at the end of the commercial to a second big head.

Gareth says, "Ian understood the brand, what we wanted to do, and how we wanted to keep it feeling real. With Platypus, you don't get sold stuff you don't see in the final product; at every step of the way we got what we wanted, if not more. It was an extremely smooth shoot and it came out beautifully; it was a process in which everyone left happy."

Vicci Turpin DOP'd, Sally White art directed, and Searle Street Post handled the VFX on the heads, as well as the final grade.


Founded in 1992, Platypus Productions is one of South Africa's most versatile production companies, which represents award-winning directors Ian Chuter and Prakash Varma.

In recent years, Platypus has won Gold at Cannes and Grand Prixs at both The Abby Awards and The Loerie Awards.

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