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Sizmek's four powerful waste eliminators

The digital landscape, wonderfully dynamic and fluid in its nature, has a brilliant knack for keeping all of us on our toes. Regular product releases and evolutions offer better ways of analysing performance and optimising cross-channel media buys.
As this analytical power increases both in scope and depth, budgets can be better apportioned and, thus, savings of both time and money are made.

Below are four key ways in which adserving tech can contribute to healthier ROI and happier clients:

1. Paying for junk

The wrong context hurts performance and your brand image. Why spend money without proof you're getting the quality you paid for? Ad performance is critical, but key performance indicators (KPI's) only tell half the story. What your ads really need is context. With Sizmek's Verification Suite the wide range of analysis means you can verify whether or not an ad appeared according to expectations. Built on the precise measurement captured through page-level analysis and user-level data inputs, the Sizmek's Verification Suite provides a truly comprehensive view of your campaign.

2. Buying Invisible Ads

Globally, up to 50% of all online ad impressions are wasted because they can't be seen. Use Viewability to know how frequently and for how long your ad has been viewed - regardless of page location.

3. Searching in the Dark

Display campaigns influence search. Search campaigns influence display. So shouldn't they talk? Sizmek Search Connect connects the independently functioning channels of search marketing and display advertising. To truly gain a holistic picture of cross-channel effectiveness, the powerful data gathered by each of these channels has to be overlaid. Millions of rands are allocated between search and display, so seeing how they affect each other is critical. What does the real big picture look like? Finding out can be a laborious manual process, and one prone to discrepancies. Search Connect allows you to do this automatically.

4. Being Irrelevant

Personalised, relevant, fresh and tested ads get higher results. For many advertisers and agencies, being relevant to your target audience is one of the biggest challenges for marketers today. Using Sizmek Dynamic Creative, we provide advertisers with the ability to leverage user-level data and deliver targeted meaningful messages to each consumer. We facilitate the production, review and approval workflow for dynamic creative - particularly if your ad template is used to produce hundreds, even thousands, of ad variations. Give your campaign that extra boost and find out which ad versions get the best results. Serve a variety of ad versions with Sizmek Dynamic Creative and the best performers will be automatically promoted.

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