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Act II goes full monty with new product launch

Act II popcorn has dared to be brave and allowed the Volcano creative team to go full monty, and be as immeasurably 'out-of-the-box' as one can be, when conceptualising the TVC for Act II's new product. A market stalwart, Act II has always been South Africa's most popular Microwave Popcorn brand, with millions of South Africans reaching for Act II as their choice companion for at-home movies.
Now Act II has entered the market with a new offering: Ready-to-eat 'bagged' popcorn. The creative team at Volcano were tasked with conceptualising an idea conceived from a simple objective - showcase this new offering in an unexpected way, without cannibalising Act II Microwave Popcorn, and with the business objective of driving sales of the Ready-to-eat Popcorn as an anywhere, anytime snack. Act II was not just for movies anymore and we needed to show this clearly.

Francois Boshoff, Creative Director at Volcano had this to say, "Thanks to a brave client, the Volcano team took the concept of 'movies' and turned it on its head. In the 30 second TVC, the viewer is taken on a nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat journey and at the pinnacle 'drama' moment, we are suddenly yanked out of the movie sphere and brought to the reality of Joe Soap eating Act II and watching the scene before him unfold. The title 'Not just for movies anymore' is not only an announcement of this new Act II Ready-to-eat, but also a call to action to enjoy it off the couch, out of the house and anywhere you can find your own action, romance or drama."

Boshoff continues: "We knew we had to be disruptive in the popcorn/ snack category and engage the viewer from the get-go. The high-speed action did this job perfectly. Our commercial needed to have an unexpected twist at the end - just like a good movie script does. And indeed the twist was not just for a 'twist's sake' but led the audience directly to the product's USP - an anywhere, anytime snack from a well-loved brand."

The risk has already proven well worth it. The TVC has created a real buzz in the marketing industry and has been heralded for its quirky nature while remaining very true to strategic objectives. Volcano Group MD, Paul Jackson, cites the Act II TVC as the perfect example of Volcano's 'Pablo meet Albert' philosophy. "It's certainly not creative for creative's sake," says Jackson. "It's a clever concept executed in a meaningful and strategic way. This is something that drives the creative process at Volcano every day, and which has already been shown to move consumers from the point of being entertained, to the point of converting to purchase."

To view the TVC, visit Volcano's YouTube channel:

To view the TVC Behind-the-scenes, visit Volcano's YouTube channel:

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