Experiential marketing: Why pop-up retail needs to form part of advertising strategy

What's the next big thing that will entice your consumers to buy your products?
How do you keep on reinventing the wheel?
  • Do you need to feature limited or exclusive products or conduct a product launch?
  • Do you need to create brand buzz?
In line with global trends, the concept of instant retail or pop-up stores has found its way into the South African retail market and provides a cost-effective and competitive edge to entrepreneurs and local businesses. The novelty also attracts customers.

Not only for entrepreneurs

It does however seem that the SA model is largely focused on the use of makeshift stores that open up for a few weeks or months at shopping malls. They utilise vacant retail spaces that would otherwise have remained unused, do minimal shop fitting or sell excess stock. If not executed properly, this could potentially be very bad for your brand and almost similar to going from a brand ad in a glossy magazine to a classified in the paper without the use of your company logo.

As social media has taught us, we need to continuously charter into unexplored terrain, and some world famous brands have used pop-up retail to achieve these results. It is here that South Africa can learn from our international counterparts, where pop-up stores are rather being fused into the experiential marketing arm of advertising strategy, especially for large or national retailers that want to test new markets or launch new products.

Australian Telecom giant, Telstra, chose Triga (the international arm of FSD) for the roll-out of pop-up stores in selected 'test-market' locations as opposed to expensive, fully fitted stores. For this ground-breaking project they partnered with Selby's, master Triga distributors for the Oceana Region.

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Primary Color, an award-winning visual solutions company based in the USA, also discovered how to use the Triga system to meet the challenges of a quick installation and take down for their Urban Decay pop-up shop in Paris. They were able to completely fit the large room's perimeter with retail visuals without having to do any permanent installation on the walls.

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Here today, gone tomorrow

You already know followers are talking about your products online, but you also need to get them to start spending. Need to bring consumers from the social media page to the store? Pop-up retail provides an exclusive and limited call to action in order to get consumers from talking to buying.

Nothing says sense of urgency like spotting a pop-up store in a new spot.

You like?

Still in testing phase, not sure that your product will work in the chosen territory? The beauty of pop-up stores is that they give brands the chance to test products to see how they sell.

However, it all starts with creating an experience that will pop! Don't think conventional retail; think quick decisions, limited time and absolute use of space in the pop-up to convey your brand message, clearly and affordably.

FSD - The ideal pop-up shop solution

The adaptability of the innovative FSD system is a proven science in this field and by looking at the sheer impact it creates; it's difficult to believe it all starts with tensioned fabric.

If everything you read seems to be true, pop-up retail will continue to become an integral part of the experiential marketing mix, so maybe it's time to explore how to do this in a tool-less, convenient way.

Posted on 10 Apr 2014 12:54

FSD's press office

Full Stretch Display is a South African owned company that designs, manufactures, assembles and distributes a patented tensioning display system throughout Southern Africa, exporting to Australia, UK and the USA.
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