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7 Different Kinds of Smoke wins Clover Dairy

Two years ago, Clover Dairy launched their "Way Better" brand positioning. The award-winning work established the Way Better Galaxy brand world - a magical place where Clover products are made "Way Better" than any competing dairy products.
After such a successful launch, the brand's main challenge was to follow up with an idea that would bring the Way Better Galaxy down to earth, making it tangible so as to drive sales of Clover's various dairy products.

Because of these complexities, Clover put the brief out to pitch and invited advertising agency incumbents Joe Public, Times Square and 7 Different Kinds of Smoke to take part.

Following the three-agency pitch, 7 Different Kinds of Smoke (7DKS) was awarded the five-month campaign. Its solution, as always, was non-traditional: 7DKS conceptualised a through-the-line campaign designed to immerse the consumer in the brand, along with a long-term engagement strategy.

7DKS's winning idea was the Clover Dairy "Lil Big Cook Off". The show, to be broadcast on SABC 3 from May, will be an inter-generational cooking show designed to give the Masterchefs of this world a run for their money. "Lil Big Cook Off" will see adults and children from the same family - moms or dads and their kids or uncles and aunts and their nieces or nephews - pitting their old family recipes and kitchen secrets against competing teams.

Ryan Van Jaarsveld, MD at 7DKS, explains, "Our philosophy is to create an immersive transmedia campaign that allows consumers to experience the brand so that it adds value to their lives in some way. Branded content such as the 'Lil Big Cook off' entertains the audience, while subtly communicating and demonstrating what the brand stands for."

Van Jaarsveld also talked about 7DKS' intention to translate the concept into an ongoing brand engagement by bringing the Way Better Galaxy into the TV rooms and kitchens of Clover Dairy's target audience.

Says Van Jaarsveld, "Our intent is for this new brand asset to be a platform that we will continue to build over the coming years. This will allow Clover Dairy to engage with its audience, and to allow their audience to engage with Clover products."

The Clover Dairy win is part of a continuing purple patch for 7DKS, whose billings have grown significantly in the last 24 months. During this period, the agency has also collected two Loeries and a Silver Cannes Lion award.

About 7 Different kinds of Smoke

7 Different Kinds of Smoke's goal is to approach advertising from the point of view of the consumer, making engagement the main focus and sales the primary objective.

If your brand needs advertising that sees it interact directly with its target audience, then get in touch with 7 Different Kinds of Smoke to talk about immersive transmedia campaigns.

Contact us on 011 026 4812 or e-mail us on


7 Different Kinds of Smoke's press office

Adsrus Lvy
First 7DKS rips off "TNT Push to add drama" then Burger King's "Subservient Chicken" and now Big Cook Little Cook, all in the name of Clover, who has already ripped off Survivor and called it Tropika Island of Pleasure...Clover and 7DKS are a match made in muck.
Posted on 28 Mar 2014 18:45
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