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+27. More than just a dialing code.

Just over a year and half ago, Prenneven Govender and Adrian Miller founded +27 Advertising, a homegrown agency whose name was inspired by South Africa's international dialing code.
Their aim was to create a through-the-line agency where the clients only interact with senior individuals, where bag carriers and middlemen don't exist.

They wanted to eliminate the unnecessary processes that plague multinational advertising agencies, often to the detriment of the work.

More importantly, they wanted to create an agency that was truly media agnostic. In other words, if you're not actually conceptualising and producing work across all platforms, you've failed.

At +27, digital is not a separate silo. It's woven into the fabric of the agency. It's not an afterthought to a brief. Digital for +27 is definitely not a branded Facebook page or Twitter feed.

Are they succeeding? In a word, yes. Over the past year they have created campaigns for Discovery, Nedbank and Tiger brands.

+27 have created digital platforms for Jungle Oats, including one of South Africa's largest interactive digital projections, mobile Apps for Jungle Crunchalots, interactive screens and in-branch collateral for Nedbank and traditional television, radio and print for Discovery.

After almost a decade in Asia, working on some of the world's biggest brands and the awards metal to match his profile, Miller decided to return to SA to continue where it all began for him.

A year after his return, Miller then partnered with Govender who has both an agency and production house background.

Miller says, "Clients want their agencies to be actively involved. They don't want to deal with juniors and bag carriers. They want senior involvement. They want to be able to discuss problems and solutions at a moment's notice."

"One of the biggest challenges in the industry is an operational workflow that complements the creative and planning output of an agency," says Govender.

"+27's model allows us to answer client briefs at a high creative level in half the time of most multinationals," he continues.

This is the perfect pairing to Miller's creative outlook.