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The Jupiter Drawing Room (Cape Town) creates video for Lucky Pet

The Jupiter Drawing Room (Cape Town) was approached with a pretty open brief from Lucky Pet - simply to raise awareness of the Lucky Pet cat food.
The insight that informed the campaign was that the one thing sets Lucky Pet apart from competitor brands is that they only specialise in real fish flavours. If there's one thing cats love more than anything else, it's the tasty goodness of real fish, which led to the campaign line, "It's fish they're after".

In addition, the team realised that cats are quite different to other pets. For example, if a neighbour puts better cat food out for their cat, other cats may leave their own houses to try and get the better food. Combining this insight with cats' love for fish and the uniqueness of the brand, the team decided to create something different - something that could live online. And because the team was dealing with cats, the internet would be the perfect platform.

The team therefore created a charming, ridiculous, over-the-top journey ad wherein a cat leaves its house and goes off in search of what it really wants - fish. It's charming, light-humoured, packed with South African nuances, and it's cute. This is an ad made specifically for cat lovers.

With the Director of the ad, Porteus Xandau from Golden Planes, on board, the team decided that animation would be the way to go. They could push the envelope in each scene and really craft the cat's performance, making it as cute as possible, while making sure it best serves the story.

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Creative Director: Jonathan Beggs, Lucas van Vuuren
Art Director: Steven Tyler
Copywriter: Gerhard Pretorius
Agency Producer: Lauren Trevelyan
Production Agency: Black Ginger
CG Supervisor: Darrin Hofmeyr
2D Animation: Sasha Perdigao
Clean Up and Paint: Thea de Klerk, Daoyi Lu
Backgrounds: Daoyi Lu, Thea de Klerk
Storyboard: Thea de Klerk
Compositing: Angelo Beciero, Chris Bekker
Flame: Marco Reposo de Barbosa, Eddie Addinall
CG Animation: Andre de Villiers, Marthinus Wessels, Roberto Pita, Jac Hamman, Samantha Cutler
Modeling and Texturing: Roelof van Wyk, Hayden Barnett, Lani Greenhill
Lighting and Rendering: Sean Wilkens
Production house: Golden Planes
Director: Porteus Xandau

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The Jupiter Drawing Room Cape Town
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