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At home in Africa

Issued by: FCB South Africa | 4 Feb 2014 09:32
A fast-paced chase through the rugged terrain of an African desert puts the Toyota Land Cruiser range through its paces in a new television commercial created by Draftfcb Johannesburg.
Dramatically demonstrating the vehicles' rugged reliability, speed and comfort, the ad begins at a remote border post where a nervous single driver is waved through by an irritable border guard. He hasn't driven far when he notices three vehicles following him; they hoot and gesture for him to stop but he speeds up, obviously scared and uncertain about their intentions.

Several tight turns, some spectacular off-road driving and plenty of daring accelerations later, he is forced to halt by a wall of rock blocking his progression through a canyon. The three Land Cruisers chasing him block his exit, and a uniformed man alights from one of these. The guard approaches his window, he fears the worst, but the guard only hands over his passport, which he'd forgotten at the border post. Relief floods his face, and the border guards laughs at the misunderstanding.

The ad was shot over three days in Calvinia in the Northern Cape by Daniel Levi of Goodcop, while Left, Blade and Freq'ncy all contributed post-production. It was conceived by the creative team of Tian van den Heever, Dani Meneghin and Liam Galt off a strategic brief by Tim Allemann and Ashleigh Albertyn.

Said Draftfcb Johannesburg Executive Business Director, Mike Di Terlizzi: "Our brief was to use the launch of the new Land Cruiser Prado - and position it as the hero - to showcase the off-road prowess of the Toyota Land Cruiser range.

"This execution leaves no room for doubt that the Land Cruiser is at home in Africa. Not only is it powerful, tough and reliable, it absolutely dominates any terrain in which it finds itself.

"From the car chase and the amazing off-road capability shown in the commercial, to the awkward and yet humorous situation shared by the driver and the border guard, it shows that Toyota, and Land Cruiser, understand the spirit of Africa and what a driver needs from a vehicle on the continent."

The 90-second ad is targeting males between 35 and 49 years of age, and is supported by a digital campaign. The advertisement can be viewed here:

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FCB South Africa
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One man one vote one time
It is a great spot.

One criticism though - if that was Central Africa, the terrain would be tropical jungle, not the desert. Do your homework before just making that simple blunder guys.
Posted on 4 Feb 2014 12:44