Beacon Allsorts a YouTube hit with over 700,000 views

Take traditional creative agency talent. Add some digital media optimisation know-how. A sprinkling of world-class production (and post-production) skill and you've got a really powerful proposition for brands looking to play in the new media environment.
7 Different Kinds of Smoke has brought all these disciplines together and offers clients a one-stop shop to essentially build their own channels on YouTube, and then get the most out of their media spend on this growing platform.

Beacon Allsorts is the latest client to take advantage of this new media thinking, using 7DKS and YouTube to gain a large amount of media exposure for relatively little spend, while pushing the creative envelope.

Beacon Allsorts was looking for an innovative, cost-effective and engaging way to raise awareness of their "Name the Shape" campaign. The YouTube concept to promote this campaign, created by 7DKS, featured a YouTube video starring the iconic South African comedians Corné and Twakkie in various humorous situations, all of which were linked to the renaming of the sweet. Viewers were then directed to the Beacon Allsorts Facebook page to read more about the competition and enter.

Executive Creative Director Neil Clarence comments, "YouTube allows us to be more irreverent and risqué than we can be on television. Our viewers are opt-in so we know we're dealing with an audience that doesn't want middle of the road work. YouTube gives the audience an instant feedback platform, so you've got to make your work really stand out or you'll get crucified. The comments for the Allsorts video range from "The only YouTube ad I watched all the way" to "My life is complete".

7 Different Kinds of Smoke conceptualised, cast, produced and edited the video in-house, and then handled the ongoing media optimisation to ensure the client was eventually paying 27 cents a view as opposed to the industry standard of R3. So far, the video has been watched 752,224 times, with a viral reach of 53,860.

Following on from this, 7DKS also produced a video to promote Beacon Allsorts' brand new all-white pack, which has had over 250,000 views so far. 7DKS MD Ryan Van Jaarsveld believes that as advertising is changing, YouTube is becoming an essential part of the marketing mix. He believes that advertising is no longer about interrupting consumers, it's about serving them content that's engaging and shareable. For certain target markets, there's no doubt that YouTube should be at the very centre of their mix."

About Neil Clarence and 7 Different Kinds of Smoke

Neil Clarence graduated with a marketing degree from Rhodes University - after graduation he knocked on the door of ad agency Young and Rubicam who let him sit in the corner without pay.

After six months of making coffee (and having read Ogilvy on advertising 14 times) someone took pity on Neil and gave him a brief - the resulting outdoor campaign won 702 ad of the week!

Numerous local and international awards followed and Neil worked his way up to creative director.

Neil spent time working with YNR, Jupiter Drawing Room and Actuate until hitting the road to start his own agency - an agency that would change the world of advertising forever!

Neil Clarence is ECD and Founder of 7 Different Kinds of Smoke - their goal is to approach advertising from the point of view of the consumer, making engagement the main focus and sales the primary objective.

For further information, contact 7 Different Kinds of Smoke on 011 026 4812.

Posted on 31 Jan 2014 11:48

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