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Google Instant is great news for SEO

Google Instant search is annoying for some, and useful to others. One fact does remain - it runs on the same search engine and the search results are exactly the same. The difference it brings is in how the user reacts to the results they see.
Now a user can access a site before the keyword has even been fully typed! This is great since it makes the search faster, and it allows online business to move quicker. Decisions will be made quicker, and these decisions will impact on website owners.

What does this all mean for SEO?

It means that SEO companies have a bigger playing field. Not only is there static search, there is instant, maps and PPC. I read a article on which said, "Google rankings, and search engine marketers, who jostle for their sites to be placed in Google's 'Sponsored Links', have been blogging and tweeting with worried haste, some going as far to suggest the death of online marketing as we know it."

Huh? How can it be dead if it is simply getting bigger and more user-friendly? The facts are that the search results are the same but the strategies to capture potential clients needs to be adjusted. Since when does a bigger playing field mean a dying industry? One can now target shorter words to capture a searcher before they have completed a word, and one can also use longer keywords to capture the user along its search entry path.

Online marketing and SEO is simply becoming very difficult - it's become a very specialised industry like engineering. SEO needs to be taken into consideration at an academic level, and businesses need to employ specialised companies that practice SEO and online marketing. I know that Professor Melius Weideman runs a postgraduate course (on online marketing and SEO) at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, and has written South Africa's first academic SEO book called Website Visibility.

Moving away from black hat techniques

SEO is specialised and the industry is moving away from black hat techniques to more white hat techniques, where proper marketing achieves results. As Google changes its playing fields great SEO companies adapt their strategies. These are exciting times in online marketing and SEO.

When Google came out, people said it would not make it, when Facebook came out people said, no way won't make it, then Twitter. Well, Twitter, Google and Facebook are global advertising giants. This means that SEO marketers and online marketers are gaining more and more platforms to work with towards achieving results for their clients.

SEO and online marketing is finally going to get the recognition that it deserves - especially in South Africa. Mainstream media are the ones that should be worried - not online marketers.

Posted on 22 Feb 2011 12:12

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